Kyle Richards confirms COVID-19 diagnosis – RHOBH star says she’s separated from her family

Kyle Richards at Season 3 RHOBH reunion.
Kyle Richards revealed she tested positive for COVID-19. Pic credit: Bravo

Kyle Richards confirmed that she does have COVID-19.

Speculation has been swirling around the subject since it was revealed that three cast members tested positive and filming for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was shut down.

There was also a post from the RHOBH star thanking Dorit Kemsley for her help while she was ill. That was last week, and now, Kyle is finally confirming what followers have suspected for days.

It wasn’t only Kyle Richards who was positive

Initially, it was believed that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills production was shut down because a crew member tested positive, but that isn’t all that happened.

Along with Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley and Kathy Hilton both reportedly tested positive as well. It is believed they may have passed it to the crew member.

Earlier today, Kyle shared an Instagram post confirming that she did have COVID-19 and has been separated from her family. Unfortunately, her daughter Sophia also tested positive, but Mauricio Umansky and the rest of the girls were not affected.

The RHOBH star said, in part, “We will stay in isolation until it’s safe to see the family and others again. I can’t wait to hug them.”

What’s next for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Filming has been shut down for nearly two weeks at this point. November 24 was when the official announcement was made, which makes December 8 the two-week mark.

It is an important season following all of the chaos that ensued last year. Denise Richards walking away after Brandi Glanville alleged they had an affair was a huge turning point for the whole cast.

Season 11 will see new faces and some familiar old ones. Kyle Richards remains the OG of RHOBH, and this time around, her sister Kathy Hilton is holding a “friend of” role.

Crystal Kung Minkoff joined the cast to replace outgoing full-time housewife, Denise Richards. Everyone else from the cast is set to return, including Season 19 newbie Garcell Beauvais.

The timeline for when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be back to filming remains unclear. Kyle Richards revealed she and her daughter have been in isolation since their diagnosis, and it is likely Dorit Kemsley and Kathy Hilton have been as well.

A lot is going on in the ladies’ lives, and getting this next season filmed and ready to air is likely on the important list for the Bravo network.

For now, Kyle is missing her girls as she continues to battle COVID-19.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus at Bravo.

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