Kyle, Kim Richards, and Kathy Hilton reunite for sibling photoshoot but do RHOBH fans want the trio on the show?

Kyle Richards at the Halloween premiere, 2018; Kathy HIlton Drug Prevention Summer Spectacular Gala, 2019
Kathy Hilton reunites with Kyle Richards. Pic credit: © Carrie-nelson/Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

The infamous trio is back in action, and no, we’re not talking about Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle.

The Richards/Hilton sisters warmed the hearts of Bravo viewers with proof that their relationship was back on track when they popped up on social media over the weekend.

We’ve seen the tumultuous sibling rivalry between Kyle, Kim, and Kathy Hilton play out on TV.

Kyle has shed many tears over the fractured relationship with her sisters, most recently at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 reunion.

The OG found herself caught in the middle of the messy feud between Kathy and Lisa Rinna, who made some troubling allegations against the Hilton family Matriarch.

Kathy was furious that Kyle didn’t defend her against Lisa, and during the reunion, the mom of four tearfully revealed that it damaged their relationship.

Despite quickly garnering a fan following, Kathy did not return for Season 13, but her absence from the show was the best thing for her relationship with Kyle.

Kathy Hilton, Kim and Kyle Richards reunite in sister photoshoot

Kathy, Kim, and Kyle have been working on their relationship, and it’s going in the right direction.

The sisters are working on a project together, and a behind-the-scenes video of their photoshoot was posted online.

The clip showed the trip all glammed up as they smiled for the close-up snaps.

We’re excited to learn what the trio is working on. So far, nothing has been revealed about the mystery project.

Meanwhile, we’re just happy to see that the sisters are in a better place, and we’ll get a proper update on their relationship very soon.

Although Kathy opted not to film with the cast his season, she made a surprise appearance at the reunion, which was filmed a few days ago.

Here’s hoping it wasn’t as tense and tearful between her and Kyle as the Season 12 reunion.

Viewers sound off on Kathy and Kim’s possible return to RHOBH

The video with Kathy, Kim, and Kyle was posted on Instagram by @queensofbravo with the caption, “Manifesting all 3 sisters on #RHOBH 14 🥹😍.”

However, people weren’t keen on the trio being on-screen together next season.

“So Kyle can cry about how mean her sisters are to her? No thank you,” responded one commenter.

“I hope they remain friendly off screen instead. They’ve all been through enough and deserve some peace (well, Kyle and Kim at least lol),” said someone else.

One viewer firmly stated, “NO ENOUGH. It’ll be the same thing over and over for the 1000th time, they made up and they’ll fight.”

Someone else reasoned, “No for the sake of their relationships they need to keep them off.”

RHOBH fans comment on Kim, Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton
RHOBH fans weigh in. Pic credit: @queensofbravo/Instagram

Would you want to see Kathy, Kim, and Kyle on RHOBH next season? Sound off in the comments.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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Kathy Hummel
Kathy Hummel
24 days ago

I feel that most of us have had enough of the sisters!

23 days ago

please tired of the sisters, bring some new people in, I do like Kyle, Erica, Sutton, and Dorit, get rid of the other two, Kyle carries the show this time, leave her nutty sister Kathy out, I don’t care how much money she has , a complete nut job, I can’t stand her.