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Kyle Capener’s Big Brother 24 exit interviews released

Kyle Out Of BB24
Kyle Capener finished in eighth place on Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 evicted Kyle Capener on Thursday night, sending him to become the latest member of the jury.

It was by a 5-0 vote that Kyle got evicted, with even his former showmance partner, Alyssa Snider, voting against him.

A pretty chaotic and emotional episode for Kyle played out as he got backdoored by HOH Matt Turner to wrap up the week.

We will get to see Kyle again on finale night when he places on a vote on who should win Big Brother 24. Ahead of that happening, the show released some BB24 jury photos and videos.

Now, Kyle has the time to do exit interviews about his time on the show, and Kyle has a lot of opinions about his experience.

For readers who want to jump ahead, here are the spoilers about who won the HOH puzzle competition.

Kyle speaks about growing and learning

Below is a new video interview released by Us Weekly. In it, Kyle speaks about his time in the game and touches on how he can “learn and grow” from the racism controversy that took place this summer.

Kyle also talks a bit about his showmance with Alyssa and what the future could possibly hold for them.

Kyle says ‘I own it’ about Big Brother behavior

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kyle spoke more in-depth about his choices and the assumptions that he was making early in the game.

“So mid-game, I definitely made some generalized thoughts and comments that had no foundation at all, and I deeply regret,” Kyle told Dalton Ross.

“They never should have brought up in Big Brother 24. And I hate that I’m the person that has to have that self-reflection time. I talked with everyone in the house, and they’ve all been so open and so willing to help me through this process and help me see it from their perspective and share experiences that have been eye opening to me. And I now own it moving forward after the game,” Kyle added.

Kyle also spoke about prioritizing his relationship with Alyssa over his own personal game and that it put an unnecessary target on his back.

There are some big episodes coming up on the Big Brother 24 schedule, including a Double Eviction and a special Friday night episode. It all sets the stage for a very competitive battle between the final seven houseguests.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.