Kristen Doute backs up Brittany Cartwright’s claim that she didn’t write her Vanderpump Rules exit message

Vanderpump Rules alum Kristen Doute
Former Vanderpump Rules star, Kristen Doute, seemingly backs up Brittany Cartwright’s claims that she didn’t write her Vanderpump Rules exit message. Pic credit: Bravo

Former Vanderpump Rules personality, Kristen Doute, is backing up Brittany Cartwright’s claims that she didn’t write her own exit statement.

It was recently announced that Brittany and her husband, Jax Taylor, wouldn’t be returning to the show. The announcement came with two exit messages, one from Brittany, and one from Jax.

After fans quickly noticed that the messages were almost identical, Brittany hinted that they may not have even written their own messages.

One fan noted, “You guys could’ve wrote [sic] something that differed by one word.”

Brittany’s response was the first hint that the messages may not have come directly from her and Jax.

“I’m tired of seeing this comment. Do you guys really truly think we got to write whatever we wanted?” she responded.

Now, Kristen has taken to her own Instagram in agreeance with Brittany.

Kristen says ‘we don’t get control over things like that’

In her Instagram stories, it’s clear that Kristen has had enough.

“Y’all, I just have to say something because it’s driving me nuts,” she began. “I’ve been reading a lot of trolly comments online regarding either someone being let go from Bravo or perhaps walking away from something, and that the exit speech is not always in our control and people just think that’s, like, so ironic and such bulls**t.”

She continued by clarifying that those rumors are actually true.

“I’m here to tell you it’s not. It’s not bulls**t and we don’t get control over things like that,” she admitted. “There are higher-ups that get to mold the way that speech goes. So you heard it here first.”

The announcement of Brittany and Jax’s exit from the show shocked fans and co-stars alike. Considering that the couple is expecting their first child early next year, their departure was unexpected, to say the least.

Kristen’s statement would have been more ‘heartfelt’ if she had written it all herself

Speaking of departures from the show, Kristen was fired in June of this year, and it turns out that even her exit message was altered from what she had initially planned to release.

“What I actually wrote is in here…but was much more heartfelt, very long, honest, and written from my soul. What I was told to post was edited, chopped down, then finally approved and not allowed to be released [three] days later.”

She also said that her “truth is coming.”

screenshot from kristen doute's instagram stories
Kristen says her original exit message was more “honest” than what Bravo allowed her to release. Pic credit: @kristendoute/Instagram

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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