Kolini and Asuelu’s tension is setting the stage for intense drama on Happily Ever After

Kalani, Asuelu, and Kolini
Asuelu, Kalani, and Kolini had a sit down talk about Kalani and Asuelu’s relationship which irritated Asuelu. Pic credit: TLC

Kalani’s sister, Kolini, arrived in Utah to stay for a month or two while she figures out her next move, and Asuelu put on a welcoming front for her arrival that made both Kalani and Kolini wary because it’s not his usual nature.

Historically there has been a tense relationship between Kolini and Asuelu because Kolini does not like Asuelu’s immature and selfish behavior. At the same time, Asuelu thinks that Kolini needs to stay out of his relationship with Kalani.

The three of them shared breakfast with Kalani and Asuelu’s two boys, and the conversation took a turn that put everyone on edge. Asuelu and Kalani told Kolini about their intentions to buy a house together, and Kolini told them it is a foolish idea since they talk about divorce often and have a hard time sorting out their problems.

Kolini then went on to express her dissatisfaction with the situation in an interview, and Asuelu said in his own interview that if Kolini keeps butting into their relationship, things will get worse between them again.

Kolini has never liked Asuelu

The breakfast was only the beginning of Kolini’s stay at the house, so the skeptical and resenting feelings it created set the stage for possible tensions in the future.

Kolini grilled Kalani and Asuelu over breakfast about their relationship and future plans. Pic credit: TLC

Kolini thinks that Asuelu puts her sister through unnecessary drama and that he doesn’t bring enough to the table. She believes he hates being held accountable for his actions and that he is often being fake.

Asuelu knows that Kolini has a watchful eye and will speak her mind, and he doesn’t react well when he gets called out.

The strained relationship between Kolini and Asuelu is exacerbated by Asuelu’s family, causing problems financially and thinking that Kalani is not good enough for Asuelu.

What to expect from Kalani, Kolini, and Asuelu this season on Happily Ever After

The trailer released for Season 6 of Happily Ever After showed a fight going down between Kolini and Asuelu’s family, so there will definitely be drama that comes out of their brother and sister-in-law relationship.

Historically, Kalani has been trapped in the middle and it doesn’t appear that it will be any different this season.

Kolini is always on her sister’s side, whereas Asuelu tends to criticize Kalani and side with his family, so there could be a lot of friction within these circumstances.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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