Kim Kardashian fans are worried about Kim’s look in unedited Kardashians footage

kim kardashian in season 3 of the kardashians
Fans of Kim Kardashian expressed concern for how she looked in recent Kardashians footage. Pic credit: Hulu

Kim Kardashian critics expressed concern or disgust over the reality TV star’s appearance based on unedited footage from The Kardashians.

Kim, 42, recently came under scrutiny for what some called a “Minecraft” outfit she wore at Pharrell’s first-ever Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris, France.

However, a recent segment during her Hulu reality TV series had fans talking this time, as many seemed worried about Kim’s look.

In the scene, Kim was in Milan, chatting with some friends about an attractive guy she’d walked by. However, Kim’s look was called out by more than a few viewers.

The reality TV star, previously known for being a trendsetter under the help of Kanye West, wasn’t done up like she usually is, as she wore no makeup and had on leopard print pajamas.

In addition, Kim’s hair wore her blonde hair down and straightened, which gave an appearance that many viewers were worried about.

Fans wonder and worry about Kim Kardashian’s look in The Kardashians footage

Fans and critics of The Kardashians took to a Reddit subforum called KUWTKsnark on a thread called “Look what the cat dragged in” to express their opinions about Kim’s look in the recent Hulu show’s footage. The thread featured multiple screenshots of Kim in unedited footage, as seen below.

redditor posts about kim k unedited footage look
A Redditor shared Kim K’s surprising look from The Kardashians’ unedited footage. Pic credit: u/wussypillow_/Reddit

“Is this real?” one commenter asked, adding, “Looks like she’s cosplaying as a ‘tired normie’ with red eyeshadow circling her eyes to really highlight the effect.”

“It’s giving Bad Girls Club after they come home from a nightclub & are itching to start a fight,” another commenter replied.

fans of kardashians react to kim kardashian look
Pic credit: u/wussypillow_/Reddit

Another fan wondered if Kim wasn’t “eating enough” and said they hoped it was the makeup “cause she looks unwell.”

“I think it’s from being too skinny, tired from the show, and having appalling extensions stapled to her fried hair. She’s also no longer in her 20s,” someone replied.

fan comments about kim k in unedited footage
Pic credit: u/wussypillow_/Reddit

Other Redditors suggested Kim’s look gave “JUMPSCARE” vibes or that she resembled a witch. One individual even called her appearance “hideous” in the screenshotted images.

fans react to kim kardashian look from unedited footage
Pic credit: u/wussypillow_/Reddit

Others praised Kim’s recent look as she matched her daughter

In a cute moment, Kim wore matching pajamas with her daughter North West in the Kardashians scene mentioned above. While Reddit commenters weren’t so kind about the unflattering look, other fans have been praising Kim’s appearance and various looks during the latest season of the Hulu show.

One fan said they couldn’t “get over how Beautiful she looks,” mentioned how well her hairstyle suited her and how “incredibly gorgeous” she is.

“One thing Kim is going to do is serve looks,” a Twitter commenter wrote, adding a screenshot of The Kardashians star.

“Obsessed with Kim in the leopard/ cheetah print looks with the platinum blonde fr,” a fan tweeted several days ago about Kim’s Season 3 appearance.

kim k fan praises her season 3 look
Pic credit: @thekimkblog/Twitter

Kim, 42, is now in her third season of the Hulu show, following many years of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and other reality TV projects. The reality TV star was generally praised for her fashionable looks while married to rapper and designer Kanye West, mostly due to his influences.

However, she’s since divorced West and has been attempting to step out on her own to continue “serving looks.” Even reality TV stars will get a few mishaps here or there, with critics generally unkind if those mishaps are glaring.

The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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