Kim Kardashian critics call out her Halloween decorations with concern for her kids

kim kardashian in season 4 of the kardashians on hulu
Kim Kardashian in Season 4 of Hulu’s The Kardashians. Pic credit: Hulu

Kim Kardashian has been known to go the extra mile when celebrating the holidays and decorating her home with themes for each special occasion.

Her celebration of Halloween may have some fans amazed, but there were also concerned critics due to the spooky nature of her setup.

The Kardashians star revealed parts of her impressively decorated digs in a recent series of video clips, showing a scary theme.

While many parts of the tour showed the look of a fancy haunted house, there were some people worried about Kim’s children being around the creepy, macabre decor.

She shares four children with her ex-husband, hip-hop star Kanye West, their oldest being 10-year-old daughter North West.

However, the couple also has Psalm West, 4, Chicago West, 5, and Saint West, 7, who may regularly see the scary visuals.

Kim K shows impressive Halloween setup at home

Taking to her Instagram Stories during the weekend, Kim K revealed glimpses of her home for Halloween featuring a variety of indoor and outdoor decorations.

Two trees ahead of the entrance to her spooky setup had been done up with fake human skulls and bones for a macabre look.

In other shots, Kim revealed scary white-cloaked figures lining the halls, with another image showing one of the cloaked figures seated with lit candles.

Another spooky outdoor image shown during daylight hours had a boarded-up old home with vines growing on the front gate area and fake fog or smoke nearby.

Keeping with the horror theme, there were also fake white hands reaching out of the ground in another visual shared by Kim.

The impressive macabre theme, resembling a tomb or scary catacomb, was created at Kim’s $60 million Los Angeles, California, mansion.

Her tour of the decorations arrived soon after her sister Kourtney wore a fun Freaky Friday costume, which many fans felt was a copycat of Kim’s look, and they were probably right. However, it seemed more in good fun rather than fuel to the fire of their recent feud.

Critics called out Kim’s decorations due to her kids

With the recent video shares arriving this weekend, Reddit was quick to take notice and comment about Kim’s unique choice for a Halloween theme.

A commenter on a post called “Kim’s Halloween Decorations” said they believe “decorations are supposed to be hammy and kitchy and silly,” and Kim’s seemed “macabre and unnerving, especially for a home with young children.”

“Wdym? You don’t like the feeling of actually living inside the catacombs?” another commenter wrote.

“My daughter would be terrified to be in her own home if I decorated like this. I can’t imagine if they wake up in the middle of the night,” another said.

However, a commenter replied that they thought North “loves this stuff at least.”

redditors react kim k halloween theme
Pic credit: @Powerful_Pass8376/

While some criticized Kim’s setup with concern for how her young children might feel around it, others seemingly loved her dedication to making the decor so grandiose.

“That’s the point of Halloween she nailed it,” one commenter wrote.

Another said they hadn’t expected “something this dark” from Kim and wished they were “rich” to “go all out on holiday decorations.”

commenters on reddit react to kim k halloween theme
Pic credit: @Powerful_Pass8376/

It’s not Kim’s first time she has taken things to an extravagant level with holiday decor and celebrations. Monsters and Critics previously reported about Kim’s impressive Christmas decorations, as well as her elaborate celebration of North’s birthday.

She also may have drawn some extra inspiration for the extra-scary look she had designed for her home this Halloween, as Kim currently stars in the creepy anthology series American Horror Story.

The Kardashians airs on Thursdays on Hulu.

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