Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ‘divorce is imminent’ with settlement talks underway

kanye west and kim kardashian divorce is imminent
Sources indicate that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian may have initiated divorce proceedings. Pic credit: ©

It appears that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be in the process of ending their six-year marriage after speculation arrived months ago the couple was struggling.

Several sources have reportedly said that “divorce is imminent” for Kim and Kanye, who have recently been spending a lot of time apart.

Based on what sources are saying, the couple has been “keeping it low-key but they are done” and will have some major details to figure out with their settlement talks.

Multiple sources say Kim and Kanye preparing to divorce

Based on reports over the past weeks, Kim Kardashian was spending her time in her home area of Los Angeles with her and Kanye’s children. Meanwhile, Kanye was said to be spending his time away at his Wyoming ranch and focusing on himself.

The two were said to be OK with how things were and keeping in touch via Facebook video chats. However, Kanye opted to stay in Wyoming during the holidays and not visit with the family.

It has also been mentioned that the 40-year-old Kim Kardashian hasn’t been seen with her wedding ring recently, per the Page Six report.

According to one source, Kim already hired well-known divorce attorney for the stars, Laura Wasser. A source also mentioned, “they are in settlement talks,” regarding Kim and Kanye’s divorce situation.

“Kim got Kanye to go up there [Wyoming] so they could live separate lives and quietly get things sorted out to separate and divorce. She’s done,” one source explained, per Page Six.

In the past, Kim was doing her best to help Kanye out with his mental health struggles. However, a source indicated, “Now this divorce is happening because Kim has grown up a lot.”

The source went on to say that Kim has serious ambitions in her life, including becoming a lawyer, and she’s “had enough” of Kanye’s antics, which likely refers to his presidential campaign and rants.

“She is serious about taking the bar exam and becoming a lawyer, she is serious about her prison reform campaign. Meanwhile, Kanye is talking about running for president and saying other crazy s**t, and she’s just had enough of it,” the source said.

West previously tweeted he was trying to get a divorce

Based on what another source is saying, musician and entrepreneur, Kanye West has had enough of the Kardashians and their reality television lifestyle.

The source said that Kanye “Is completely over the entire family … He wants nothing to do with them,” and that he eventually found their reality show to be “unbearable.”

In July, West went on a Twitter rant, with some of his tweets suggesting he’d been trying to get a divorce from Kim since 2018.

“I been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek at the Warldolf [sic] for ‘prison reform,'” West said in one tweet, referring to a November 2018 criminal justice summit that both his wife and rapper Meek Mill attended.

In other tweets, West referred to Kim’s mother Kris Jenner as “Kim Jong-Un” and also suggested the Kardashians were trying to force him to go into psychiatric treatment.

This past October, Kim held her lavish 40th birthday bash in Tahiti, with Kanye apparently going for a very brief time, while others stayed longer.

“He showed up late and left early, he wouldn’t appear in any of their Instagram shots. All he did was bring over the hologram of her father Robert Kardashian, then got out of there as fast as he could,” a source said, per Page Six.

Calabassas home considered ‘sticking point’ with divorce

Property ownership may be one of the major aspects of the settlement talks between Kim and Kanye. In particular, their family home in Calabasas, California, could be a “sticking point.”

Kanye and Kim originally bought the home for $40 million and reportedly spent an additional $20 million to renovate the home. Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt was involved in those renovations, which completely redesigned the house.

“Kim is trying to get Kanye to turn over the Calabasas house to her, because that’s where the kids are based and growing up. That is their home,” a source said.

Both Kanye and Kim have a lot invested in the home, making it a major aspect of any settlement talks.

“She owns all the land and adjoining lots around the house but Kanye owns the actual house. They’ve both put a lot of money into renovating it,” the source added.

Per Page Six, yet another source said that despite divorce talks being underway, there hadn’t been any decisions yet on how to divvy up properties.

Kim and Kanye originally married back in 2014. The couple has four children with seven-year-old daughter North, five-year-old son Saint, nearly three-year-old daughter Chicago, and their most recent child, son Psalm, born in May 2019.

Based on Page Six’s report, multiple sources say divorce is on the way for one of the more interesting couples in Hollywood. However, representatives for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West didn’t immediately respond to requests for comments on the matter.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians returns to E! in 2021.

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