Kanye West claims Kim Kardashian tried to ‘lock him up’ and demands Kris Jenner call him in Twitter rant

kanye west twitter rant
Kanye West went on a massive Twitter rant following his recent presidential rally in South Carolina. Pic credit: ©

On Monday night, Kanye West went on a massive Twitter rant in which he claimed his wife Kim Kardashian attempted to have him taken away, compared Hollywood actresses’ Google searches, and requested for mother-in-law Kris Jenner to call him.

The Twitter tirade came just a day after West held his first presidential rally in South Carolina and touched upon topics including the fact Kim almost had an abortion when carrying one of their children.

It also had people speculating on each tweet and questioning if Kanye was suffering from a breakdown following alleged backlash from his family over the rally.

What did Kanye West say on Twitter?

Just a few days ago, Kanye West spoke to a crowd in Charleston, South Carolina, as part of his presidential campaign. West announced that he was running for president last month and has since registered as a candidate.

However, he’s failed to make the deadline to get his name on several states’ ballots. That includes South Carolina, where he held that first campaign rally and claimed that Harriet Tubman didn’t actually free slaves.

He also brought up a sensitive subject involving abortion as it related to him and his wife, Kim. During a sobbing admission, West revealed that he and Kim had discussions about her having an abortion while carrying their first child, daughter North. He even mentioned, “She had the pills in her hand.”

During Monday night’s tweetfest, Kanye told everyone that his comments about daughter North had Kim ready to fly to Wyoming with a doctor to get him.

West said in one of his now-deleted tweets (below) that Kim was trying to lock him up “like on the movie Get Out” in reference to the Jordan Peele horror movie where a white family attempts to kidnap and brainwash a black man.

Pic credit: @KanyeWest/Twitter

Based on rumors, including a report from People, Kim K was “furious” at Kanye for bringing up their personal life during his rally in South Carolina, particularly his comments about the near-abortion of North in 2013.

West and Kardashian have three other children together, including Saint, Chicago, and, most recently, Psalm.

In addition to the above, West posted a number of other tweets as part of his rant. They included several in which he made reference to Kim appearing in Playboy and in the sex tape that made her famous.

Pic credit: @KanyeWest/Twitter

In two others, he showed Google searches for actresses Halle Berry and Jennifer Lawrence.

The speculation on these tweets was that West showed how the top search results for Lawrence show her movie accolades first while results for Berry displayed new gossip and rumor reports at the top.

In addition, West tweeted about NBC “locking up” actor Bill Cosby, and also made reference to the E! and NBC networks. With this tweet, people speculated West was referring to being part of the constant reality TV situation that comes along with the Kardashian family.

Pic credit: @KanyeWest/Twitter

After a number of tweets, West then wrote another saying, “Kriss and Kim call me now.”

In addition, West posted a screenshot of a text message, apparently to mother-in-law Kris Jenner, asking if she was “ready to talk now.”

Pic credit: @KanyeWest/Twitter

West has since deleted all of the above tweets from his Twitter feed, but they left plenty of people wondering if he was having some sort of mental breakdown.

West announces new album coming out

Another big announcement followed this series of Kanye West tweets. After the various tweets about Kim, Kris, North, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bill Cosby, West informed everyone via Twitter that his new album will release on Friday.

The newest West project is called DONDA, named after his mother, who passed away in 2007. After tweeting out, “Ima focus on the music now,” West revealed the tracklist for the album.

Pic credit: @KanyeWest/Twitter

West’s new album will be his first release since 2019’s Jesus Is King. Donda will be his tenth studio album in his career, and another as part of his foray into a gospel style of hip-hop.

However, the latest Kanye West Twitter rant now has people wondering if it was another publicity stunt, or actually a serious mental health breakdown. Many people are hoping if it’s the latter, that West is able to get the help that he needs.

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