Khloe and Kim Kardashian called out by fans for lying about claim in Kardashians premiere

kim kardashian and khloe kardashian in the kardashians
Many viewers don’t believe Kim and Khloe’s claim about beer from The Kardashians Season 4 premiere. Pic credit: Hulu

Kardashians fans are accusing Khloe and Kim of lying about a claim they made during the season premiere of their show.

In The Kardashians Season 4 premiere, most of the Kardashians and Kenners traveled to beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for a getaway.

Kourtney wasn’t with them, but Kim, Khloe, Kylie, Kendall, and Kris got some family time. Kris’ beau Corey Gamble also tagged along.

There were all sorts of revelations during the premiere, including the tidbit that Cory could’ve appeared in Yellowstone, but Kris prevented it due to concerns over a potential scene.

There was also a bit where Kim and Khloe claimed they never drank beer until a scene in the episode, and many viewers were quick to call out that particular claim.

Not only did fans call it out, but there may have been some strong evidence suggesting Kim had definitely downed some beer in the past.

Kim and Khloe claim they’ve never had beer in The Kardashians

After the Kardashians and Jenners landed, they got into a vehicle to continue their journey. That’s when the topic of beer arrived.

“No one else wanted a beer?” someone asked, with Khloe stating, “I’ve never had a regular beer.”

“What?!” Kylie Jenner said, shocked by the revelation.

“I have had a beer, only in Jamaica. A Red Stripe, and I loved it. I’ve never had a Corona, or I guess an American beer,” Khloe said in a confessional interview.

Someone off-camera informed Khloe that they thought Corona was a Mexican beer.

Back in the vehicle scene, Khloe offered Kim some of her Corona, but Kim said, “I don’t think I would like it.”

Kim seemed to enjoy the taste of the Corona, saying it was “sweet,” and her half-sisters Kylie and Kendall were still in shock over the revelation.

“You’ve never had a beer?” Kylie asked Kim, who said, “I’ve never had a beer.”

“That’s crazy!” Kendall exclaimed about Kim’s first time sampling beer.

Fans suggest the Kardashian sisters are lying about their beer claim

The internet had receipts ready to dispel the claim that Kim Kardashian never drank any beer before. A Twitter user shared a collection of photos featuring Kim with beer.

In one of them, she’s dressed in costume for Oktoberfest, holding several mugs of Guinness. In another image, Kim is doing a kegstand.

“‘I never had a beer’ – Kim,” part of the caption reads, to go with the supposed evidence to the contrary.

Some commenters on the Twitter/X post remarked that the Kardashians lie a lot, while others tried to give suggestions that maybe the pics were just photoshoots and no actual beer was had during them.

“These people lie about everything,” one commenter wrote.

“It’s a photo shoot, doesn’t mean she drank it. People make a big deal out of nothing,” another person commented.

“She never sweats when she works out,” someone else joked.

fans comment about kardashians claim over beer
Pic credit: @meeshymumu/Twitter

Additional comments came in to claim that they were lying about their history of beer consumption.

“They act like they never had non-famous lives,” one Twitter commenter wrote, adding, “It’s okay to be normal then to act fake.”

Another commenter asked if anyone really believes a word they say.

kardashians viewers claim kim and khloe lying about beer
Pic credit: @meeshymumu/Twitter

It’s not the first time that fans or critics have suggested Kim was lying about something this month.

As Monsters and Critics reported, a painting Kim shared that she said her daughter North created brought claims from some commenters on Instagram that it hadn’t been painted by the 10-year-old.

However, many others suggested it was possible to paint something that looked that good at a young age, especially when her parents, Kim and ex-husband Kanye West, have creative and artistic abilities.

The Kardashians airs on Thursdays on Hulu.

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