Kenzie Petty shared many Ponderosa pictures from after winning Survivor 46

Kenzie Survivor 46
Fun was had by Kenzie at Ponderosa after Survivor 46 wrapped. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

There were some good times had at Ponderosa by Kenzie Petty and the Survivor 46 jury members following the season.

The Survivor 46 winner shared 10 fun photos, showing some smiles at Ponderosa, despite some people not enjoying their time there.

Ponderosa is where the players go after getting voted out, and where the jury hangs out between Tribal Councils.

Having to be sent to Ponderosa means your time in the game is over, but it also leads to some relief from the intense gameplay.

Survivor jury members can grow closer in Ponderosa, especially since many players can set aside their competitive natures to finally relax.

The producers should do more to present footage from Ponderosa to the fans in future seasons – but during the season rather than after it.

Kenzie Petty shares fun photos from Ponderosa

“Babe, wake up! Season 46’s pondy pics dropped!” Kenzie began the caption to her fun Instagram post.

“The morning after the game ended, before we flew home, was such a sacred and special time. I’ll never forget how these friendships felt in that moment and how grateful I am for all of these humans,” Kenzie wrote about her short time in Ponderosa.

The final three players don’t get much time in Ponderosa, as they only head there after the season finale has been filmed. It means Kenzie, Charlie Davis, and Ben Katzman were still recovering from the game when they arrived at Ponderosa.

“This experience is beyond niche and unique, just like the people who got to live it. I will cherish these memories for all of my days. <3 My sweet, messy little friends,” ended Kenzie’s caption.

All eight jury members and the final three players are featured in the photos below. We get to see Q Burdette smiling, Hunter McKnight looking like he finally got some rest, and Kenzie enjoying her brief time celebrating her win in Fiji.

There is also an image showing the final three (Kenzie, Charlie, and Ben) before they got to clean up after the long season.

More news and notes from the world of Survivor

Kenzie got married and is now pregnant. The Survivor 46 winner has been busy since returning home and is even sporting a new hairstyle.

Q Burdette also revealed his wife is pregnant. They are now expecting their first child together.

Host Jeff Probst is back in Fiji to film Survivor 47. The cast has already begun their season in the sun.

The Traitors 3 cast has been released and it features four Survivor alums. They have a shot to dominate the show in Scotland – or to become huge targets on Day 1.

Previous episodes of Survivor are streaming on Paramount+. That includes the full Survivor 46 season from the spring of 2024.

Survivor 47 debuts in the fall of 2024 on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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