Kelly Clarkson explains what Ariana Grande brings to The Voice

Ariana Grande on The Voice
Ariana Grande on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

Ariana Grande joined The Voice this season and brought some youth and vitality to the show.

While not all fans have taken to the young pop star, the truth is that she brings in a new younger audience that wasn’t watching the show when the coaches were all close to 40 or older.

Kelly Clarkson, who is the second-longest tenured coach on The Voice, agrees that Ariana is a great addition to the show and she explained what the young star brings to the competition.

Kelly Clarkson praises Ariana Grande on The Voice

Ariana Grande announced earlier this year that she would replace Nick Jonas as a coach on The Voice.

This was met with two different reactions.

Many younger fans celebrated, seeing someone they love taking the role of mentoring singers on the hit singing competition. Other older fans snubbed their noses at Ariana Grande, preferring the older, more established musicians.

Kelly Clarkson is one of those who praised the decision.

Clarkson appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and talked about the changes on The Voice this season.

“We’ve never had a coach like her,” Clarkson said to Fallon. “In all my seasons, I’ve never heard a coach talk about vocal health as much. And I’m like, ‘I guess we should have mentioned that’ … we are all vocalists.

“Like, no one’s ever really mentioned it, and she’s really into it, so it’s cool. And everybody vibes so well.”

There is fear that Ariana’s massive fanbase (she has 272 million followers on Instagram) would sway the voting, but Clarkson is having fun anyway.

“I love her,” Clarkson said. “She’s so funny. Like very witty. In the beginning, behind the scenes, she wasn’t really using a lot of her material she could have used out there, and then slowly towards the knockouts, like, we’ve already taped everything up to the lives…She’s hysterical. Very witty.”

Ariana Grande’s first season journey so far on The Voice

Ariana Grande has shown a lot of emotion so far in the series.

When she was faced with eliminating either Bella DeNapoli or Katie Rae, she began to tear up and her voice cracked. She ended up giving Katie Rae the win and using her Save on Bella.

She faced another tough moment when she picked David Vogel over Chavon Rodgers and almost teared up again when he left without a hug. Chavon later said it was a misunderstanding and he didn’t see her stand up to embrace him.

Ariana Grande also gave Katherine Ann Moehler the win and sent Vaughn Mugol home.

Ariana still has three battles coming this week involving Hailey Mia, Jim & Sasha, KCK3, Raquel Trinidad, Ryleigh Plank, and Sophia Bromberg.

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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