Keesha Smith ‘bitter’ about Big Brother 22 eviction, reveals which BB22 cast member she wants out next

Keesha Eviction On BB22
Keesha Smith gave an interview after her BB22 eviction. Pic credit: CBS

Keesha Smith did an interview with Parade following her Big Brother 22 exit. She became the first member of the BB22 cast to get evicted this summer and she has expressed some bitterness about her early elimination.

Cody Calafiore nominated Keesha and Kevin Campbell at the first Nomination Ceremony and then Keesha was evicted on a lopsided 13-0 vote.

As the game goes on without her, rumors of a possible Battle Back have started to formulate. But first, Keesha is speaking out about her week playing Big Brother 22.

Keesha Smith exit interview

Keesha spoke with Parade about a lot of topics, but it started out with her first reaction to getting invited back to the show for a second time.

When she was called about being on the show, Keesha stated that she was really excited to get another opportunity. She had such a “good experience” during her first time on the show that she was definitely willing to give it a shot again.

Keesha also spoke about the shock of seeing Memphis Garrett for the first time in years and how she was surprised by a lot of the houseguests that had been invited back. It might even be possible that she was starstruck by a few of the BB22 cast members.

Speaking about her plans this season, Keesha told Parade that she was going to try to lay low and keep from giving Cody a reason to come after her. Her assumption was that there were bigger threats in the house (including two former winners). It’s pretty obvious that she was wrong.

Keesha admits she’s bitter about being voted out first

As was pointed out in her interview, Keesha said “I wish most of you luck” at the Eviction Ceremony. She spoke about why she said that, noting that she was bitter about sitting up on the block.

“Nobody ever gave me a season why I would be the first out,” Keesha told Parade. “So that really bothered me.”

When it comes to Keesha’s shady well-wishes, she explained, “I wanted to wish luck to those who stood by me. But whoever threw Kevin’s name out there to keep–which I’m assuming is Cody–I hope follows me out the door.

She’s not wrong, either, as there were a lot of bigger threats in the game that could have been targeted in Week 1, but Cody and his alliance picked off an easier target rather than make a big move.

As for her prediction about what will take place next, Keesha thinks that there will be a shift in the house and that it will end up being a woman that follows her out the door while Memphis is the Head of Household.

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