Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards hang in Aspen after RHOBH falling out, sing karaoke and drink tequila

Kathy and Kyle have made amends after RHOBH drama. Pic credit: Bravo

Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards hung out this weekend in Aspen following their failing out while filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12.

It’s no secret that the drama between Lisa Rinna and Kathy in Aspen severely fractured Kyle and Kathy’s already impaired relationship.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Kyle made it clear that despite their issues, she and Kathy are family and will always make amends.

The two sisters appear to be in a much better place than last fall, or at least that’s what they want fans to think.

They were spotted belting out tunes with the family ahead of a wedding.

Kyle and Kathy even poked fun at their RHOBH drama.

Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards sing Karaoke after RHOBH falling out

This weekend, it was a family affair in honor of Kim Richards’ daughter Whitney Davis, who married Luke White in Aspen.

Kyle took to Instagram to share a family bonding experience ahead of the nuptials, including her reuniting with Kathy. Kim and several other family members joined them to belt out the tune. We Are Family.

“Pre wedding celebration with my sisters and our offspring 👯‍♀️” Kyle wrote as the caption to the fun, light-hearted video.

That wasn’t the only fun moment between Kyle and Kathy over the weekend.

Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton poke fun at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama

On Season 12 of RHOBH, Kathy got bent out of shape when Lisa ordered Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila at Kemo Sabe, Kyle’s favorite hat store in Aspen. Kathy accused Kyle of not supporting her tequila Casa Del Sol, especially after Kathy tried unsuccessfully to get the ladies to drink it.

In a new video, Kathy apologized to Kyle while they were at Kemo Sabe, admitting that Kyle did nothing wrong.

“I’m sorry! It wasn’t your fault. It was not your fault,” Kathy said to Kyle.

Several family members, including Nicky Hilton, watched and recorded the moment, with Kyle saying, “Get the video! Get the video!”

Kathy admitted in the footage she was just being sad at the time.

Kemo Sabe later took the reunion to their Instagram account to reveal it’s the end of tequila-gate. The account shared a couple of photos and included Kathy’s tequila in them.

The ice has thawed on Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton’s relationship. Kathy won’t be back for Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which perhaps helped ease the tension between the sisters.

Speaking of RHOBH Garcelle Beauvais recently teased a premiere date for Season 13, and you can read all about it here.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Seasons 1-12 are streaming on Peacock.

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