Kate Chastain reveals the one condition that would make her return to Below Deck

Kate Chastain reveals what would make her return to Below Deck
Would Kate Chastain return to Below Deck? Pic credit: Bravo

Kate Chastain has moved on to bigger and better things since hanging up her chief stew hat on Below Deck.

The snarky and outspoken Chastain shocked fans when she revealed she had quit the hit Bravo show after six seasons.

She may have taken a break from the show, but she’s still very much on our TV screens every week.

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Kate is actually a host on the network’s newest show Bravo’s Chat Room along with several other Bravolebrities.

But is she now missing the Yachtie life?

Does Kate miss Below Deck?

The Below Deck alum recently sat down for an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

And she was joined by another familiar face, Josiah Carter who was also a cast member on the show.

The friends were happy to reunite and chat about their stint on Below Deck which has since spawned a number of spinoffs.

Matter of fact, Kate and Josiah are actually part of the newest spinoff, Below Deck: Galley Talk where they dish about Season 8.

When asked if the chief stew was having FOMO from watching the show, she admitted that there was one scene that made her think, “Oh gosh maybe I do miss it.”

Chastain continued, “And that was seeing the beautiful Caribbean backdrop. But that might be because I’m starved for a vacation because nobody is traveling. You know, I miss vacations. I  think I need to remind myself, I miss vacations, not working.”

Would Kate ever return to Below Deck?

The former Below Deck cast member continued to talk about her time on the reality show.

The six-season alum was asked what it would take for her to take another spin on Below Deck and she had an interesting idea.

“I have an idea of how this could work,”  responded Kate. “Josiah, I think you should be the chief stew next season, and I would come back to be a third stew.”

“The third stew gets the worst job!” Josiah reasoned. But Kate is just fine with that.

“You’re down in the laundry hiding,” said the 38-year-old. “I’d just be down there with my music and be like ‘Hey, guys.'”

She explained her reason for wanting the third stew position, telling the media outlet, “You get to be part of it with zero responsibility. When you’re third stew, you don’t realize how wonderful life is.”

“Third stew you don’t have to even look or talk to the guests the whole time if you don’t want to, ” continued the Bravo star.

“You could wear your pajamas, who cares? Nobody’s looking at you,” she added.

Would you like to see the popular Below Deck alum return to the show?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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