Kate Chastain reveals charter guest that could make her return to Below Deck

Jemele Hill is the only charter guest that Kate Chastain would return to Below Deck for.
Kate loved one group of charter guests during Season 7 despite their awful behavior. Pic credit: Bravo

Kate Chastain has revealed the charter guest that could make her return to Below Deck. The answer is quite surprising, considering the group was featured in Season 7 and was not too nice to the Valor crew.

It is no secret the former chief stew is moving on from yachting and reality television. Kate has already branched out with a new venture on SiriusXM and the Bravo digital show Ghosted.

The shocking charter guest that would bring Kate out of retirement

As fans anticipate who will replace Kate on Season 8 of Below Deck, Kate is spilling who could get her back on the show. No, it is not her pal Captain Lee Rosbach.

Kate would return to Below Deck for charter guest Jemele Hill. Despite the group’s bad behavior, Kate named the ladies her favorite guests last season.

One fan tweet called out Jemele for her group’s behavior on the hit show. She acknowledged how badly she treated the crew, prompting Kate to send a tweet of her own.

“Jemele and her friends are the only charter guests I’d consider coming out of retirement for,” Kate shared, retweeting Jemele’s original words.

Kate Chastain is a fan of charter guest Jemele Hill.
Pic credit: @KateChastain/Twitter

It turns out Kate isn’t the only cast member who was fond of Jemele and company. Courtney Skippon also referred to the guests as “the best.” She even joked that their charter was the one time Courtney did not hate working.

Kate and Jemele make amends

Jemele and friends were the last charter guests of Season 7. There was tension between the chief stew and the group from the beginning.

However, Kate’s attitude didn’t have to do with the charter guests but rather all the crew drama. Fans will recall the infamous penis cake debacle that led to chef Kevin Dobson being embarrassed, left Captain Lee in shock, and Kate smirking.

Jemele shared a Tweet after the finale in February to let fans know she and Kate were good. The chief stew even gave Jemele, who was celebrating her bachelorette party on the luxury yacht, a d**k blanket as a gift one night on the charter.

Jemele Hill praises Kate Chastain.
Pic credit: @JemeleHill/Instagram

Kate Chastain is done with yachting, but Jemele Hill could bring her out of retirement. The bad behavior Jemele showed on-screen was not enough to stop the two women from becoming friends.

Jemele is not the only group of guests Kate remains on friendly terms with, as the chief stew often hangs out with a group from Season 4 of Below Deck. At times she likes the guests more than the crew.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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