Kate Chastain returns to Bravo in digital series Ghosted following Below Deck departure

beow Deck alum Kate Chastain has a new gig at Bravo.
Kate is taking on past romances and reality TV at the same time. Pic credit: Bravo

Kate Chastain is returning to Bravo in the new digital series, Ghosted, following her Below Deck departure earlier this year.

Rumors have been swirling regarding Kate’s next move since she dropped the bombshell that she was leaving Captain Lee Rosbach and yachting behind.

Last month, Kate revealed she had landed a new SiriusXM show, Unapologetically Kate Chastain. That was just the beginning of her new adventure.

Andy Cohen and Kate had previously teased that she was not done with Bravo. They were not joking, either.

Kate also recently did behind-the-scenes commentary on an episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht while in quarantine.

Now, she is back on the network to own up to some of her past dating mistakes.

What is the new series Ghosted?

Ghosted is a new Bravo digital series that focuses on people who own up to ghosting a former romantic partner. Ghosting means a person simply stops all forms of communication with another person.

The Bravo show features people who later regret the decision to ghost someone as they try to make amends. There are uncomfortable conversations, shocking admissions, and some regrets. Perhaps even a reconciliation or two will come out of Ghosted.

Kate’s Ghosted episode

The Bravo digital series is brand new, and using Below Deck fan favorite Kate is a great way to get viewers interested. Kate is not only entertaining, but fans are excited to watch her do anything since she left the yachting show.

On the Ghosted premiere, Kate admits that now that she is back in the dating world, she wants to make amends with one man. Kate is bravely going to face a former date that she abruptly left in the dust.

“I believe in karma, and now that I’m back out in the dating world, I don’t want to be ghosted. So I think, before I move forward with my right swipes, I need to reconcile my left swipes,” Kate expressed.

Josh is a man Kate went on one date with before going radio silent on him. She chose never to speak to Josh again because he used the word “giggle” during their date.

The phone conversation is not quite as awkward as fans imagined, but it is not a walk in the park, either. It might even lead Kate to reconsider going on another date with Josh.

Kate Chastain is facing her past in the new Bravo digital series Ghosted. Fans can see how it goes for the former chief stew by watching the premiere episode on The Daily Dish.

Below Deck will return in Fall 2020 on Bravo.

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