Kailyn Lowry responds to Teen Mom 2 fans who question baby Creed’s paternity

Kailyn Lowry taking a bathroom selfie
Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry takes a selfie in the bathroom during her pregnancy. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 fans have been questioning the paternity of Kailyn Lowry’s new baby Creed. She responded on Instagram, and, well, she wasn’t happy.

Kailyn shared an Instagram story clapping back at fans who questioned the color of Creed’s skin and why he looks so much more like his half-brother Isaac.

Kailyn clapped back at her haters in a recent Instagram story

Kailyn wrote, “It’s 2020 [and] we are still confused about how genetics work?!? [I’m] confused.”

She continued, “Please stop messaging and comment about my son’s [skin] color. Yes, Chris is his dad. But I’m white, so there was a possibility that our child could be white. Imagine that.”

Below that, she shared a screenshot of a cruel comment from an Instagram follower, who wrote, “Why does the new baby look like Isaac rather than his real brother. LOL. Am I missing something? I mean, Creed looks nothing like [your] last kid, and don’t they have the same dad? I’m confused.”

Trolls have been all over Kailyn’s recent Instagram photos

Many Instagram followers have been quick to comment on Kailyn’s life choices, with the most common critique being how many children she has from different fathers.

Kailyn Lowry Instagram story defending her son's paternity
Kailyn Lowry defends her son’s paternity on Instagram stories after trolls criticize her. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

One user commented, “4 kids 4 different dads?”

Another wrote, “Welcome to the sh**show.”

On the first photo Kailyn shared of her son’s face, an Instagram “fan” commented, “So I’m just gonna ask….did you get those tubes tied now?”

Kailyn has responded to the harsh comments, ably defending herself against the trolls.

Kailyn Lowry Instagram story comment from a troll
Kailyn Lowry posted a screenshot of a cruel comment on her Instagram stories. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram.

In response to a user who claimed she was “having kids to stay relevant,” Kailyn wrote, “If you made more money than me, you wouldn’t be on IG hating on someone else, baby. Please take your bulls–t elsewhere.”

Clearly, Kailyn isn’t afraid to clap back at her haters.

Kailyn recently welcomed baby Creed along with her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez

Despite many Teen Mom 2 viewers questioning the paternity of Kailyn’s new son Creed, she’s been very clear right from the start that he belongs to her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez.

Chris is also the father of her third son Lux, whom she welcomed in August 2017.

Kailyn Lowry sitting on the couch with her four sons
Kailyn Lowry posted an Instagram picture with her four sons amid cruel comments from trolls. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

Kailyn spoke about her ex on a recent episode of her podcast Coffee Convos, explaining, “My entanglement with Chris is so complicated, and it’s so public.”

She continued, “I know that there have been periods of time where I felt like he doesn’t deserve to have his last name passed down. … [But] I wanna do the right thing, even when I’m upset.”

Kailyn invited Chris to the birth of their son

On the August 13 episode of her podcast, Kailyn shared some details about her birth story, revealing she had invited ex-boyfriend Chris to be there despite their dramatic history. Not only that, but she gave Creed the last name Lopez.

She hasn’t explained why she invited him, which is especially strange because during her pregnancy, she was adamant that he was not allowed to be at the birth.

Kailyn Lowry holding her new baby Creed in his nursery
Kailyn Lowry posted an Instagram picture of herself holding baby Creed in his nursery. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

On her Instagram stories in July, Kailyn did a Q&A explaining to fans why she did not want Chris at the birth. She wrote,  “I’m not going to allow my followers to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do based on what you see on IG live or even what I say on the show.”

She continued, “My mental health and CONSISTENCY in my sons’ lives are more important than he said/she said. As their mother, I know in my heart I’m doing what I believe to be best. I’m sorry if everyone else disagrees.”

In another response, she explained, “Why would I make the call to someone who has not been helpful, consistent, empathetic or compassionate for the entire nine months? [He] says he doesn’t care but thinks he should be included in the birth? Make it make sense. … His words and actions are very different.”

Kailyn obviously had a change of heart. Perhaps she and Chris will have a better relationship in the future, but only time will tell.

What do you think about Kailyn having so many kids with multiple fathers?

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