Are Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez back together? Teen Mom 2 fans think something is up after shady post

Kailyn on Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV
Kailyn on Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2’s Kailyn Lowry and her never-ending love story with Chris Lopez is still a huge source of drama.

Chris and Kailyn welcomed their second child together on July 30. Despite a pregnant Kailyn saying that she wouldn’t let Chris in the room for the delivery, Kail ended up allowing him in her home when she finally gave birth.

The pair’s tumultuous relationship is dizzying to follow, and some of Kail’s recent Instagram posts have fans questioning whether this on-and-off couple is back on.

Kailyn’s cryptic Instagram stories

On Sunday, Kailyn took to Instagram stories to share a mysterious quote.

“Actions speak louder than words, but consistency speaks louder than both. Choose people that always make you feel wanted,” the post read.

That post seemed to point away from a reconciliation for the couple, but the next one she shared had a different tone.

“The reality is … None of us are easy to be with,” the second post read. “We all suffer from something … So when you meet someone who’s willing to stay … committed to understanding you and actually wants to grow with you … don’t let lame s–t like ego and pride ruin it … Real is rare … remember that,”

That post certainly had fans talking- the bit about “someone who’s willing to stay” seemed to send a different message.

However, given the couple’s crazy history, it seems unlikely that they’re actually back together. Most likely, Kail is publicly shading Chris- a habit she’s developed over the course of the relationship.

Kail has dealt with many haters over the relationship

A lot of fans hate on Kail for her relationship with Chris, which they say is unhealthy, particularly considering that there are children involved.

“4 different dads, amazing,” one hater commented on a recent family photo that Kail posted. “The government will most likely pay for them. Quit overpopulating.”

Other fans were quick to point out that Kailyn actually has only three baby dads, and that she certainly does not need or qualify for government assistance. Kail herself even clapped back at the mean comment.

“If you made more money than me you wouldn’t be on IG hating on someone else, baby. Please take your bulls**t elsewhere. ♥️” she wrote.

Kailyn has previously defended herself against trolls on Instagram, most recently by sarcastically saying that she and Chris were planning for another baby.

Even Chris, who has never appeared on Teen Mom 2, has had to deal with the pitfalls of Kail’s fame. He recently clapped back at Teen Mom 2 viewers who said that Creed is not his biological son.

Teen Mom 2 returns to MTV for a new season on September 10. 

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