Kail Lowry hopes to be ‘a little slimmer’ by 30th birthday, talks motivation for getting back to the gym

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Kail Lowry is focusing on slimming down before she turns 30 in March. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry is hoping to be “a little bit slimmer” before she turns 30 and is trying to find the motivation to get back to the gym.

Kail has been open about her struggle with weight gain in recent months.

The reality TV star embarked on a fitness journey earlier this year and shared that she had lost 12 lbs. back in September.

However, Kail has admittedly fallen out of her fitness routine and now she’s hoping to get back to it before her 30th birthday.

Teen Mom 2’s Kail Lowry trying to find motivation to hit the gym again

Kail took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday, Dec. 23 to share that she’s hoping to get back into a healthy routine ahead of the new year.

“I’m starting back at the gym today,” Kail said during her video along with text that read, “let’s try this again ?” with a gif of a rabbit wearing a sweatband and lifting a barbell.

However, Kail admitted that she’s having trouble getting motivated.

“I don’t want to and I definitely don’t feel like it but I’m gonna try,” Kail said. “I actually feel like my entire adult life is me trying to motivate myself to get back in the gym.”

“Staying motivated is tough & then once I’m off my schedule once, it just spirals,” Kail admitted in a text box at the bottom of her video slide.

The Teen Mom 2 star continued, “So, if I could just stick to it this time, I might be able to go into 30 in March – my birthday’s in March – maybe a little lighter, a little fitter, a little slimmer, I don’t know.”

Kail added text and mentioned that she just wants to “go into my 30s feeling good & confident esp in a bathing suit.”

“Anyone else just like, have a love-hate relationship with the gym and can’t stay motivated enough to stay in but like you wanna go but then like you don’t feel like going?”

Kail then surveyed her followers with a question box, asking them to vote either “Yes” or “SAME” along with the text, “like you want to go but you don’t feel like it. But it sounds good but just don’t want to do it ?.”

Kail Lowry has been fat-shamed because of her weight

Kail’s weight has become a topic of discussion on Instagram as well as her podcasts, Coffee Convos and Baby Mamas No Drama.

The 29-year-old mom of four was diagnosed with PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, which can cause women to gain weight.

Although Kail mostly blames PCOS for her weight gain, Teen Mom 2 fans and critics have felt that she uses her diagnosis as an excuse.

Kail has been fat-shamed on several occasions. Back in May, she talked about being called a “pig” and “cow” by her haters and how it affected her self-esteem.

Kail’s ex and baby daddy, Chris Lopez, seemingly took a jab at her weight when he insinuated that she needed to run as much as she “runs her mouth” and she shared the text on her Instagram Stories.

Kail’s commitment to restarting her fitness routine comes on the heels of her nemesis and Teen Mom 2 castmate, Briana DeJesus, sending a treadmill to her, which she took as another attempt to fat-shame her.

However, Briana’s attorney addressed her mailing a treadmill to Kail and denied that Briana had any ill intentions by sending it, calling Kail “petty” for thinking she did.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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2 years ago

Heard your birthday to to Thailand had been cancelled due to concerns over the Corona virus, and this just after you finally got to move into your mansion where your pool will not be done until next year. Finding it hard to have any sort of empathy for you. I’m 47, homeless and fortunate enough to be sleeping ins camper parked in front of someone’s house for only so long, then 2 will have to move along to I don’t know where.

Meanwhile you’re crying about a trip to Thailand and the delay of your mansion and pool. Get a grip. Life is more than just popping out babies and making “reality” tv. Everyone knows that’s not actually real and who in the hell would want to watch you try and chase after your 5 kids. Oh…. Right, you’ve probably got nannies or au peres.

Try looking out into your community too those who are less fortunate, like myself. (I left a potentially deadly situation after getting thrown around an apartment and had no where to turn.) There are many sad stories about people who were faced with impossible situations. Help your village. Teach your children to be kind and generous instead of crying about how “unfortunate” you are.