Julie Chen Moonves net worth: How much does Big Brother host get paid?

Julie Chen Hosting BB23 2021
Julie Chen Moonves has been the successful host of Big Brother for years. Pic credit: CBS

Julie Chen Moonves’ net worth is primarily tied to three things. She has been the host of Big Brother for more than 20 years, she spent a long time as a co-host on The View, and she also married wealthy television executive, Leslie Moonves

With the news that Celebrity Big Brother has been renewed and that Big Brother 24 is already accepting applications, it also looks like Julie will keep earning big bucks from the network.

Over the years, Julie has become the face of Big Brother, going all the way back to Season 1 that began in July of 2000. Counting this summer and BB Celeb 3, Julie will have hosted 27 various seasons of the hit reality competition show. That’s why it’s understandable that she may have a hefty average salary per episode.

It appears that Julie is also paid per season and not per episode, so if a summer season is 85 or 100 days, she earns the same salary. And since she doesn’t have to be on hand for every episode — typically Julie only hosts the premiere, eviction nights, and the finale — her work schedule doesn’t inundate her each year.

It’s also important to point out that Julie agreed to take less money to do Celebrity Big Brother, as the seasons are much shorter than the summer versions.

Julie and her husband sold their Malibu home in 2014 for $11.125 million in order to upgrade. They then purchased the former home of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen for $28.8 million in Cabon Beach, California.

What is Leslie Moonves’ net worth?

Leslie Moonves’ net worth was reportedly around $700 million when he left CBS after earning more than $50 million a year at the network as an executive. At its peak, his salary was said to be around $70 million a year.

How much does Julie Chen Moonves get paid to host Big Brother?

Julie reportedly makes $2.64 million as the host of Big Brother each year. Those are the summer season numbers, leading to some really nice per-episode averages. If we only count the eviction nights, the premiere, and the finale, Julie might make around $200,000 per episode. As she has not publicly revealed how much she earns, these may just be estimates.

Julie no longer serves as a co-host of The Talk, where she may have been bringing home a very nice paycheck each year as well. It is very likely that she was paid much less to be a part of The Talk, though.

What is Julie Chen Moones’ net worth?

According to a recent report, Julie’s net worth is at about $30 million. That’s just her individual net worth and not taking into account any of the money that her husband has in his name. That number could certainly increase over the coming years if she continues as the Big Brother host and if the network decides to give her a raise to keep her on.

As the face of the franchise, CBS also continues to promote Julie and she does a great job at creating buzz for the show through her social media accounts.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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