Joy-Anna Duggar slammed for sharing coffee with Gideon

Joy-Anna Duggar during a Counting On confessional.
Joy-Anna Duggar is being mommy-shamed. Pic credit: TLC

Joy-Anna Duggar has been raked through the coals while parenting her first child, Gideon. The mommy-shamers have been out in full force, and now they are at it again.

Yesterday, Joy-Anna Duggar shared a photo of the tot where he appeared to be drinking out of her iced coffee drink. They were outside and two of the three photos showed Gideon with the coffee in his little hands and one of them with his lips at the straw. Joy-Anna shared the photos on social media and the comments began.

One commenter said, “Cute shot but you don’t give a one year old coffee or pop (soda).”

Of course, that also brought out those defending Joy-Anna Duggar. Some commented they had been drinking coffee since they were young and many slammed the original commenter for being so negative on a cute post.

Joy-Anna Duggar's IG comments
Joy-Anna Duggar got slammed on Instagram for giving Gideon coffee. Pic credit: @austinandjoyforsyth/Instagram

Earlier this year, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth were slammed for being away around the time of Gideon’s first birthday. They were enjoying some alone time and gave him a birthday party once they returned. That wasn’t the only time though.

Recently, Joy-Anna Duggar gave followers an inside look at where she and Austin Forsyth are living with Gideon. The three of them are living in a fifth-wheel trailer while they are renovating a house. Austin has been flipping houses for quite some time now, even doing it before marrying the Duggar daughter. This is the second trailer home they have lived in since getting married and some followers weren’t pleased with their choices in living arrangements.

The next few months will be hard for Joy-Anna Duggar as some of her sisters-in-law will be welcoming little girls around the same time she was due with hers. Lauren Swanson, Kendra Caldwell, and Anna Duggar are all expecting in November. Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth lost their little girl at 20 weeks earlier this summer.

As Joy-Anna Duggar grieves her loss, she is still trying to make memories with her son. The photo was a cute and candid shot, despite the mommy-shaming going on.

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