Joy-Anna Duggar shares ultrasound photo, reveals baby girl is healthy

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth in a Counting On confessional.
Joy-Anna Duggar reveals that her baby girl is doing well. Pic credit: TLC

Joy-Anna Duggar shared some incredible news on Instagram. She has officially passed the point in her pregnancy when she lost her daughter last year.

Showing off the ultrasound photos of her little girl on the way, Joy-Anna Duggar revealed that she is having a healthy pregnancy. She is 21 weeks into it, and she will welcome her daughter in August.

Celebrating a milestone in pregnancy

Last summer, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth revealed that they had lost their baby. They had gone in for a 20-week ultrasound and their baby girl was no longer alive. Joy-Anna and Austin announced the news just a few days after it happened.

Currently, Joy-Anna Duggar is 21 weeks along. She has passed the point where she lost Annabell, and now, she can relax a little bit. Joy-Anna shared some of the ultrasound photos with her followers. The Counting On star even revealed that she shed tears of joy after hearing her baby girl’s heartbeat.

Adding to their family was something Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth talked about a lot following the loss of their daughter. Just before they announced this pregnancy, the two hosted a Q&A on YouTube and confirmed they wanted more children. Shortly after, Joy-Anna shared the video she put together to confirm the news.

What is next for Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth?

Both Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have been intentional about spending time together and doing things with Gideon. He just celebrated his second birthday in February and will get the title of big brother in August.

They moved into their new house late last year and have been making it into a home over the last few months. Joy-Anna Duggar has been spending her days taking care of Gideon and Austin Forsyth has been working.

Right now, Joy-Anna Duggar is just over halfway through her pregnancy. She has not announced a name for her little girl yet and she will likely keep it a secret until delivery. Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth have a lot to look forward to as the warmer months come barrelling in.

While they aren’t filming Counting On, they have been keeping their own footage as this pregnancy goes on. The show was reportedly doing interviews and such before the coronavirus pandemic shut everything down, but now, it is all in limbo. Thankfully, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth didn’t wait to announce they are expecting.

Counting On is currently on hiatus and is expected to return to TLC later this year.

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