Joy-Anna Duggar shamed by Austin Forsyth: ‘She’s an addict’

Joy-Anna Duggar in her weekly vlog
Joy-Anna Duggar was criticized by her husband, Austin Forsyth. Pic credit: @followtheforsyths5/YouTube

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth were front and center in her weekly vlog.

It was less juicy than the two prior installments, which mainly focused on the younger Duggar daughters and what they’ve been up to.

The Counting On star has kept followers updated on her life since the show was canceled years ago and frequently shares photos on social media.

This week’s vlog was about what the couple was doing to prepare for spring, including letting the kids plant some flowers in their own little makeshift flowerbeds.

A part of the video also chronicled Joy-Anna and Austin getting ready for Sunday church.

It was a hectic time, but things got awkward when the couple filmed from the parking lot of a coffee shop.

Austin Forsyth shames Joy-Anna Duggar over coffee

Because Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth were leaving the house early for church, they stopped to get coffee.

Austin drove, and Joy-Anna vlogged on their way to the coffee shop. She revealed it was the favorite part of her day, indicating she frequently stops to get coffee.

None of that is shocking, though. The older Duggar daughters seem to love coffee, especially Jana Duggar and Jinger Duggar.

However, as Joy-Anna was talking to the camera, Austin said, “One thing you didn’t know about Joy; she’s a, she’s an addict.”

She revealed she didn’t used to like coffee, but these days, she really enjoys it.

Austin Forsyth has been criticized for his comments before

This isn’t the first time Austin Forsyth has said something that viewers were shocked to hear, and it likely won’t be the last.

His reaction to Joy-Anna Duggar’s first shorter haircut was less than desirable. Viewers went in hard on him and the way he talked to her.

There has also been concern about how Austin speaks to his wife as if he intentionally tries to make her look uneducated or silly in the spotlight. He’ll quiz her and sometimes mock her answers.

Interestingly, things appeared to be getting better as Austin became more comfortable in front of the camera. However, the video has a different vibe when he is absent (like during the Duggar sisters’ sleepover and Q&A session).

Joy-Anna didn’t seem phased by being called “an addict,” as she used it to title the episode Might Be Addicted. She also wrote over the video “Addicted to this life.”

It was an interesting way to play off the comment, but she could’ve just as easily edited it out.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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