Joy-Anna Duggar sparks concern after Austin Forsyth isn’t so nice

Joy-Anna Duggar up close.
Joy-Anna Duggar appears to have tears in her eyes. Pic credit: @followtheforsyths3167/YouTube

Joy-Anna Duggar has worked hard to get her YouTube channel right.

The Counting On star releases a vlog a week and often will throw in some extras if she has time.

During the latest Follow the Forsyths video, there was concern about how Austin Forsyth treated his wife.

She filmed time at the Forsyth farm with Gideon and Evelyn riding in a tractor with Austin’s dad, a little bit of the camping trip the boys, and some other footage from church and the aftermath.

At one point, Joy-Anna looked like she may have been crying when talking about the lack of footage Austin got while camping with Gideon. That wasn’t the only problematic part, though.

Before signing off, Austin was quizzing Joy-Anna about the sermon at church. He asked her about the three points touched on, and she was struggling to remember and tripping over her words. She also admitted to not knowing what prerogative meant. The entire moment was cringe.

Austin Forsyth called out for his treatment of Joy-Anna Duggar

Once their vlog hit their YouTube channel, viewers had plenty to say about Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth.

It was only a little over 12 minutes, but there was apparent tension between the husband and wife duo.

One viewer wrote, “All of these comments saying how great of a dad Austin is, and I’m sure he is. However, I can feel Joy’s pain in this video. It seems she is kind of down here. And the tears in her eyes during the video shows this. Joy- if you read this, I hope you are taking time to also care for yourself. [red heart emoji]”

A few comments addressed how well Austin did with Gideon and even Evelyn at the farm, but that wasn’t focused on.

Another chimed in, “He clearly doesn’t respect her time and efforts spent bringing in more income to the family. Or maybe he actually finds satisfaction in taking multiple opportunities to be petulant and demeaning? I feel sorry for her, truly.”

Someone else said they wouldn’t have any more kids with him.

Joy-Anna Duggar vlog comments.
Pic credit: @followtheforsyths3167/YouTube

What has Joy-Anna Duggar been up to?

Aside from vlogging her adventures, Joy-Anna Duggar homeschools her children.

She has been working with Gideon and Evelyn while also juggling an infant. Gunnar was born earlier this year, and he was featured in the latest vlog too.

Joy-Anna seems to focus on her vlog to bring money in. Counting On has been done for years now, and with the Duggar gravy train gone, the daughters have attempted to monetize their content.

Being a homeschooling mom and a wife, Joy-Anna Duggar has her work cut out for her.

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