Josh Duggar trial: Which Duggar in-law was Juror 7?

Josh Duggar in a 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Josh Duggar’s trial revealed a potential juror to be one of his brother’s father-in-law. Pic credit: TLC

Josh Duggar’s child pornography trial is currently underway.

Earlier this week, the jury was seated, and alternates were chosen.

Several potential jurors were dismissed for various reasons, but Juror 7 had a surprising reason he was let go. His daughter is married to one of the Duggar sons.

What happened with Juror 7?

After the jury was seated and court was over for the day, several outlets began reporting on what happened in court.

Anna Darling, from KNWAFOX24, tweeted about the juror.

Tweet about Juror 7
Pic credit: @AnnaDarlingTV/Twitter

She even mentioned how Judge Brooks was surprised this man got as far as he did in the screening process.

Who could Juror 7 be?

Currently, Jim Bob Duggar has six married sons. Only a few of them have inlaws who live in Arkansas, narrowing the speculation down to a couple of people.

Anna Duggar’s parents live in Florida, which rules them out entirely. That, and the fact that Josh Duggar, who is on trial, is their son-in-law, seals the deal on that.

Abbie Grace Burnett’s parents are in Oklahoma, which is where she hails from initially. They obviously wouldn’t get a jury summons for Arkansas, so they are also ruled out.

Claire Spivey’s mom and dad are based in Texas. She and Justin also live in Texas, not too far from her parents. Her father clearly wasn’t summoned for jury duty either.

With three of the six ruled out based on location, there are only three real possibilities.

The most likely possibility is Kendra Caldwell’s dad, Paul. He appears to be the favored one chosen, though he isn’t the only possibility out there. He is pretty well known among Duggar fans, though it is unclear if outsiders would easily recognize him as connected to the family.

Another likely suspect is Lauren Swanson’s dad, Dwain. He hasn’t been super into the reality TV aspect of the Duggar family, but he has appeared a few times on camera. He was rumored to be a potential witness for the trial, though his name wasn’t brought up after the names were read during jury selection.

And finally, Katelyn Nakatsu’s dad, Kory, could have been Juror 7 as well. The Nakatsu’s moved to Arkansas from Arizona when their daughter, Katey, was set to marry Jedidiah Duggar. The two tied the knot in April, just weeks before Josh Duggar was arrested. They are new to the area, so it’s possible he wasn’t on the jury duty list quite yet.

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