Josh and Mackenzie have tense moment on Teen Mom OG reunion

Josh and Mackenzie McKee at the Teen Mom OG reunion
Things became tense when Dr. Drew asked Mackenzie and Josh McKee about their marriage during the reunion. Pic credit: MTV

Josh and Mackenzie McKee had a tense moment during their segment of the Teen Mom OG reunion.

The couple has experienced many ups and downs in their marriage ever since Mackenzie’s mother passed away.

At one point, rumors spread that the two of them may have cheated on each other. Mackenzie accused her cousin of having an affair with Josh behind her back.

Mackenzie later clarified that the situation with her cousin was a misunderstanding and that nothing had happened between them.

During the reunion, Dr. Drew began to ask about their marriage and the issues that have gone on. Josh didn’t seem to want to get into anything while Mackenzie was hesitant to reveal certain information because her family was watching.

The moment became extremely tense as Josh was visibly frustrated with both Mackenzie and Dr. Drew.

Josh became frustrated with Mackenzie and Dr. Drew

Josh was hesitant to reveal too much about their struggles in their marriage and he became frustrated when Mackenzie alluded to certain things that had gone wrong.

He told her to stop “giving them what they want” and wanted to move on to the next question. Mackenzie stated that the way Josh was acting was not who he really was and that he presented differently when cameras were rolling.

Josh then took a stab at Dr. Drew and accused him of coming after him ever since 16 and Pregnant. He also blamed the show for painting him in a bad light and making their relationship issues seem like they’ve been primarily his fault.

Mackenzie assured fans that she and Josh were doing well and that Florida was going to be a permanent residence for them.

Mackenzie shares photo of her and Josh captioned ‘Just the couple nobody wants together’

Following the reunion episode, Mackenzie shared a photo of her and Josh on the beach.

She captioned it, “Just the couple nobody wants together…have a blessed night.”

In the past, when fans have criticized her relationship with Josh, she has come to his defense and made it clear that the show depicts him in a negative light while painting her as innocent. Mackenzie has admitted that is not the case.

When a fan commented on Twitter and said, “Mackenzie and Josh do realize their entire storyline is based off of his continual infidelity, right? They kind of have to bring it up…”

Mackenzie responded and said, “The one time ? But they didn’t show mine. That’s where his anger came from.”

Mackenzie clarifies where Josh's anger came from
Mackenzie clarifies where Josh’s anger came from Pic credit: @DouthitKenzie/Twitter

Mackenzie has revealed that she was also unfaithful to Josh but many fans may not know about it because that part of their struggle has never made it to air on Teen Mom OG. She explained that Josh’s frustration comes from the fact that he’s always painted as the bad guy when in actuality, the two of them have both made mistakes in their marriage.

Despite the issues they’ve had in the past, it appears that Mackenzie and Josh are still going strong. Mackenzie continues to support her husband amid the criticism he’s received.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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