Mackenzie McKee takes back claim Josh cheated with her cousin

Mackenzie Mckee is clarifying her statement about estranged husband Josh cheating.
Mackenzie is changing her tune about husband Josh cheating with her cousin. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee is taking back the claim Josh cheated with her cousin Ashley.

Mackenzie’s new statement contradicts what she had initially shared regarding her estranged husband. She is now insisting her words were taken out of context and explaining what she means by her previous statement.

Mackenzie never said Josh cheated

This week, Mackenzie shared an Instagram story, which was captured by Teen Mom Shade room, about Josh fooling around with her cousin.

“Obviously another affair. So I go to call the number, and it was my close cousin Ashley. What all went on? I don’t know. My family will never be the same, and we are all torn. I was not only hurt by him but by her,” read part of her message that got the cheating rumors swirling.

Click here to read Mackenzie’s post in its entirety, which also includes her opening up about walking away from Josh for good.

Days later, the reality TV star has used Twitter to set the record straight on what happened with Josh and Ashley. Plus, she wants the “dirt-digging” and “stalking” to stop.

“I never used the word ‘banging’ or ‘cheating’ please stop stalking and digging for relatives and invading privacy. Josh was texting and calling her for advice on how to handle me, and to me, that was wrong on both ends and enough to walk away. Now let’s all move along,” Mackenzie tweeted.

Teen Mom fan comments and thoughts on Mackenzie’s message

The MTV personality’s tweet was flooded with comments. Some showed unwavering support for Mackenzie speaking her truth and sympathy for her situation with Josh Others thought there was something fishy about the message, wondering why it was a big deal for Josh to seek advice from Ashley.

Mackenzie explained several times it was a big deal because it was done behind her back. She also made it clear one of the reasons she left Josh was, so she no longer had to wonder if he was faithful.

The Teen Mom OG starlet reiterated a couple of times that she never said Josh cheated and that it was the tabloids that got the cheating rumors started.

There is no doubt Mackenzie McKee has been through a lot with her estranged husband, Josh. Although he was talking to her cousin Ashely behind Mackenzie’s back, there was no cheating.

Josh does not have a good history of being faithful, though. Mackenzie revealed he did have an affair last year, causing them to split the first time.

Teen Mom OG airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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