Jorge Nava and his girlfriend welcome their new baby, 90 Day Fiance fans react

Former 90 Day Fiance star Jorge Nava.
Former 90 Day Fiance star Jorge Nava and his girlfriend have finally welcomed their baby into the world. Pic credit: TLC

Jorge Nava and his girlfriend have welcomed their first child together.

The newest addition to the Nava family is Jorge’s second child, but first with his current girlfriend.

Although Jorge’s girlfriend remains a mystery to 90 Day Fiance fans, that didn’t stop Jorge from posting about the family’s good news — and it certainly didn’t stop fans from stopping by the post with their messages of congratulations.

It seems that Jorge’s current circumstances have come full circle. From his time in prison to his disastrous relationship with his ex-wife, Anfisa Nava, Jorge welcoming his newest child is the beginning of a new chapter.

Jorge introduces his new baby to Instagram fans and followers

In the sweet post announcing the arrival of their new bundle of joy, Jorge is seen dotting over his girlfriend as she lays in the hospital bed enjoying some skin-to-skin contact with the newborn.

Both Jorge and his girlfriend look content and at peace as their family moved from a partnership to a family of three.

“There’s no Love that can match what I have for my family [family and heart emojis] I love them more than anything in this world,” he captioned the snap.

Fans flooded the post with encouraging words and congratulations for the couple.

Many of the comments shared congratulations with Jorge and his girlfriend, while others were long strings of happy emojis in support.

90 Day Fiance fans and stars stop by to congratulate Jorge on his newborn

Although the comments were flooded with kind words, there were also quite a few fans who stopped by with a more extended message or advice for what Jorge can expect stepping into the world of fatherhood once again.

“You always deserved this! Congratulations to the both of you [two heart emojis],” wrote one fan.

Comment from Jorge Nava's baby announcement.
Pic credit: @mrjnava_/Instagram

Another expressed, “Congratulations and happy birthday to your bundle of joy [celebration and baby bottle emoji].”

Comment from Jorge Nava's baby announcement.
Pic credit: @mrjnava_/Instagram

Another fan echoed several other commenters’ sentiments acknowledging that Jorge deserves this new level of happiness in his life.

“You deserve this blessing [praying hand, halo, and heart emojis] they’re both beautiful congratulations,” they commented.

Comment from Jorge Nava's baby announcement.
Pic credit: @mrjnava_/Instagram

And other fans took their support a step further by pointing out how great it is that Jorge found someone to begin a family with and that he’s found love beyond his rough relationship, and marriage, with Anfisa.

“Jorge im glad that you found a loving woman to bear your child! You are truly enjoying the better things that life can bring you [three blue heart emojis],” they wrote.

Comment from Jorge Nava's baby announcement.
Pic credit: @mrjnava_/Instagram

However, it wasn’t just fans that stopped by the comment section. Both Paola and Russ Mayfield also made an appearance with loving words for Jorge and his girlfriend.

“Congratulations [three heart emojis],” wrote Paola. “best feeling in the world! Many blessings for [your] little family [three heart emojis].”

Russ’s message was much simpler, sharing, “Congratulations!!!”

Paola and Russ Mayfield's congratulation messages to Jorge's baby announcement.
90 Day Fiance stars Paola and Russ Mayfield’s congratulation messages to Jorge’s baby announcement. Pic credit: @mrjnava_/Instagram

Although Jorge declined to reveal the baby’s gender or name, there’s no doubt plenty of support in place for Jorge and his girlfriend.

Fans can continue to hope that he chooses to share more about their new baby going forward.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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