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JoJo Siwa shows support for Colton Underwood after The Bachelor star’s coming out announcement

Colton Underwood and JoJo Siwa
JoJo Siwa fully supports Colton Underwod after he publicly came out. Pic credit: ©, Admedia

JoJo Siwa congratulates Colton Underwood from The Bachelor for coming out as gay and has some advice for him after she recently came out to the world herself.

Colton Underwood announced that he was gay Wednesday on Good Morning America. Additionally, has been revealed that Colton has been filming a Netflix reality TV series about life as a gay man for the past few weeks.

JoJo recently had a similar experience coming out to the world as pansexual, so she expressed that she was excited for Colton.

“Congrats! That probably means that he’s happy too,” she told TMZ, referencing how she has felt about revealing her truth to the public.

JoJo also had some encouraging words for Colton in regard to what to expect for life after coming out as a public figure.

“The world is really accepting. There’s a few people that aren’t, but the world in a general whole is and it’s really cool,” she shared. “It’s a good place. Just be yourself. Doesn’t matter. Love is love.”

JoJo reacts to the possibility of a LGBTQ+ season of The Bachelor

JoJo also weighed in on the rumors that the producers of The Bachelor are now considering having a gay Bachelor or Bachelorette lead.

JoJo made it clear that she has no interest in partaking in the hypothetical show.

“I would want no participation in it obviously because I have, my girlfriend is my favorite human ever and she makes me so happy,” she expressed.

JoJo came out in February by posting a picture of her wearing a T-shirt that her cousin gifted her which read “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.” She revealed on the Jimmy Fallon show that it was her girlfriend who encouraged her to come out publicly on social media.

She revealed that she was in a long-distance relationship with her girlfriend who was later confirmed to be Kylie Prew.

JoJo confirmed that she and Kylie are still going strong to this day.

Even though she has no need to go on the show, she was definitely supportive of the idea of a gay Bachelor adding, “But that is a pretty sick idea.”

Bachelor Nation has mixed reactions to Colton coming out

While JoJo Siwa seems to be fully supportive, Bachelor Nation has had mixed reactions to Colton coming out.

The majority of fans don’t have a problem with Colton’s sexuality.

Some fans have been fully accepting of him and are in his corner even pushing for him to be the first gay Bachelor lead.

However, others haven’t been quick to forget how his relationship with Bachelor winner Cassie Randolph ended.

After Cassie and Colton broke up, Cassie claimed that Colton had been stalking her using a GPS tracking device and filed a restraining order against him.

Even though Cassie eventually dropped the restraining order, she and those who are close to her expressed that Colton’s problematic behavior has had a strong emotional impact on her.

Some fans are signing a petition against Colton’s upcoming Netflix project. The petition has already collected over 20,000 signatures.

While fans may have mixed reactions, Colton has since expressed that he feels “awesome and free and happy” since coming out.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus at ABC.

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