Johnny and Cely’s relationship is tested on Love Island USA with the arrival of Bennie Bivens

Cely gets enticed with Johnny 2.0. Pic Credit: CBS

Johnny Middlebrooks and Cely Vazquez are one of the few relationships still going strong on Love Island USA.

The couple solidified their relationship early by being the first to stay in the private hideaway.

They were once a fan favorite on Love Island. However, Johnny’s steamy performance in Casa Amor has viewers turning against him.

Casa Amor changed everything

While the girls were away on a spa day, the boys were whisked away to a separate villa, complete with six brand new single girls.

Casa Amor proves to be one of the biggest tests in Love Island and viewers agree that Johnny failed miserably.

It didn’t even take a night for new girl Mercades Schell to tempt Johnny they as made out in bed on the first night.

Although he chose to stay with Cely after Casa Amor, fans haven’t forgiven Johnny for the spectacle he made with Mercades in the villa.

Johnny tries to convince himself that Casa Amor made him realize how important his connection to Cely was.

Will Cely’s head be turned?

After an intense elimination that sent four people home, the islanders wake up to three new boys in the Las Vegas villa.

Each boy received a text that they were able to ask any girl of their choosing on a brunch date.

New boy Bennie Bivens dubbed ‘Johnny 2.0’, goes with his heart, and bravely chooses Cely. This is Cely’s first date in her Love Island experience and she’s more than excited to have Johnny on his toes.

Although Johnny said he wasn’t worried – he definitely was.  Johnny’s guilt plagued him as he couldn’t help but spy on his partner’s date.

Cely admitted it felt good to be picked, but Johnny wasn’t happy with Cely not completely shutting down Bennie. Viewers were confused about how he could feel so threatened with a conversation when he was in Casa Amor all over Mercades.

The following challenge displayed tweets from fans and they revealed they felt that Johnny didn’t tell Cely the half of what happened in Casa Amor. Johnny initially admitted to making out with Mercades in bed – however, he failed to mention they went under the covers for extra privacy in the communal bedroom.

This sent her head spinning, probably not the best thing to happen before a recoupling.

Bennie has proven to be a source of support for Cely regarding Johnny’s betrayal. While loyalty is super important to her, we shall see if she gets over Johnny’s omission of the truth and continues to be in a couple with him.

Fans have already agreed, they are not a fan of Johnny.

Love Island USA airs Monday-Friday at 9/8c and Saturday at 8/7c on CBS.

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