Jinger Duggar shows off Felicity and Evangeline making homemade pizza

Jinger Duggar selfie.
Jinger Duggar gave an update on her daughters. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar shared that everyone in her household is feeling better.

The Counting On star and her family were sick over the Thanksgiving holiday, which was evident in the video she shared where her girls revealed what they were thankful for as they ate dinner given to them by friends.

She shared that the girls are feeling better, and they are ditching the chicken noodle soup for homemade pizzas.

Felicity and Evangeline were still shown from behind, which is customary nowadays.

Both girls had messy hair, with Felicity wearing pigtail braids and Evangeline with wild curls. There were also visible pacifier beads with Evy, likely a comfort she used while feeling under the weather.

Jinger wrote, “Thankful we are feeling better today. abandoning the chicken noodle soup for homemade pizzzzza.”

Felicity and Evangeline Vuolo from behind.
Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Why don’t Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo share their daughters’ faces?

Following the cancellation of Counting On in 2021, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo opted not to share their daughters’ faces anymore.

Felicity was born on the show and grew up in front of the camera for the first couple of years of her life. Evangeline was given a birth special, but aside from a family update when she was just a couple of months old, Evangeline hasn’t been in the spotlight.

They didn’t address it at first, but after several comments about not sharing the girls, they confirmed they were choosing to give them privacy.

Jinger Duggar’s new journey

A lot has changed for Jinger Duggar since she married Jeremy Vuolo.

Counting On viewers watched as she changed what she wore, spoke, and did.

None of the changes were drastic, but something more was happening with the Duggar daughter than meets the eye.

Jinger recently revealed she wrote a book about her journey to religious freedom, where she is no longer entangled in fear of what she was doing but was comfortable in her walk with Jesus. She made it clear it was not a book that was spilling the Duggar tea, but rather explaining her thought process as she abandoned some of what she was taught to believe and how she incorporated the Bible into how she lives now.

Changing her life likely hasn’t been easy, but it seems like Jinger can be more of herself while living in California. She hasn’t spent much time back home in Arkansas since the move in 2019, which hasn’t gone unnoticed. For now, it seems Jinger Duggar is living her best life in California with her girls and husband.

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