Here’s how Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo spent Thanksgiving

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo selfie.
Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo spent Thanksgiving in California. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo remained in California for Thanksgiving this year.

It wasn’t a traditional celebration for the Counting On couple, either.

As much of the county is dealing with increased cases of influenza, it seems Jinger and Jeremy have been hit with it too.

She shared on her Instagram that they were dealing with the flu, but a friend blessed them with a Thanksgiving meal.

Jinger wrote, “Happy Thanksgiving! This year we are home sick with the flu. Our friends texted me last min asking if we had a thanksgiving meal…and then they blessed us with this amazing thanksgiving feast! God is so kind to send us this ray of sunshine after a long week inside. ?”

Aside from the photo of Jeremy enjoying his meal, Jinger included a video she took as her girls, Felicity and Evangeline, revealed what they were thankful for at the moment.

Jinger Duggar’s daughters are thankful for food

Jinger Duggar’s daughters were heard in the video as they were asked what they were thankful for.

Sitting next to Jeremy Vuolo, Felicity revealed she was thankful for the fluffy, pillowy bread. The look on his face was priceless, as he seemingly had hoped for something more profound.

Evangeline was next to Jinger and said what sounded like “cake,” as noted in her Instagram caption.

It would seem that despite not feeling well, the Vuolo family could enjoy a meal and family time.

Jinger Duggar makes bold decision to talk about ‘breaking free’

After years of being a part of the IBLP with her family, Jinger Duggar wrote a book about her decision to walk away from the teachings of Bill Gothard.

This wasn’t surprising because she had changed up her entire wardrobe and given up the idea that women should only wear long skirts and dresses, as she was taught in the Duggar household.

Despite denials that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar were displeased with Jinger’s choices, Jeremy Vuolo confirmed that they did approach their daughter about what she was doing.

While Jinger did make it clear that her book is about her journey and faith, there’s likely a bit more to the story. She did confirm it was not a Duggar tell-all (we’ll leave that to cousin Amy!). It focuses on how Jinger reads the Bible and how she interprets it.

Jinger talked about believing in things because of fear and learning that what she was taught was Bill Gothard’s way, not necessarily what the Bible says.

It’s a new season of life for Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo.

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Natalie Howard
Natalie Howard
1 year ago

First off y’all need to start calling these ladies by their names she is Jinger Vuolo or Jinger Duggar-Vuolo get it straight when a woman takes a husband she forsakes her mother and her father so stop it. And I think this young woman is doing great under the constraints she is under. Go team Jinger!