Jinger Duggar calls Bill Gothard a ‘false prophet,’ reveals teachings caused eating disorder and panic attacks

Jinger Duggar video still
Jinger Duggar condemned Bill Gothard. Pic credit: @JingerJeremyVuolo/YouTube

Jinger Duggar is making national headlines with the upcoming release of her book.

She wrote Becoming Free Indeed: My Story of Disentangling Faith from Fear, which will be released this week.

The Counting On star made it clear that it is not a Duggar tell-all book. It focuses on Jinger’s journey and conflict growing up under the teachings of the disgraced Bill Gothard. He formed the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), where Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are members.

As the fourth daughter, Jinger took on plenty of responsibilities for her younger siblings. That pressure, coupled with the fear of disappointing God with any slight mistake, led to a childhood filled with fear that triggered panic attacks and an eating disorder.

Jinger sat down with ABC’s Juju Chang for segments on Good Morning America and Nightline to share her book and talk about some of her experiences while living under the rules of the IBLP.

It’s a big step for the Duggar daughter that could have lasting consequences.

Jinger Duggar denounces Bill Gothard

While speaking with Juju Chang, Jinger Duggar compared the IBLP to being cult-like. She wouldn’t come out and call it a cult, but she did admit there were similarities and that it was hard to walk away from it.

Regarding Bill Gothard, Jinger said, “He’s definitely a false prophet, false teacher.”

In 2014, Bill Gothard resigned from the head of the IBLP after being accused of inappropriate conduct by women of the IBLP. Jinger revealed she was heartbroken by those accusations.

This conversation led to Jinger’s comparison of Bill Gothard’s hypocrisy and her brother, Josh Duggar’s hypocrisy. She addressed that in the book and confirmed that she had not spoken to Josh. She said that the best thing she could do for him was “pray.”

The statement Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar put out following his sentencing in December 2021 was the most condemning of all the siblings. They called out his hypocrisy and crimes, slamming Jim Bob’s thought that Josh was being used to bring the word of God into the federal prison.

Will Jinger Duggar be exiled from the family?

As of now, only Jill Duggar has shown her sister support publicly. Cousin Amy Duggar King and her mom (Jinger’s aunt), Deanna Duggar, have also spoken out in support of the book release.

Jinger revealed she was still in touch with her parents, but after the release of the book and the things she has called out, it may be a different story. They have not supported her book, and none of her other siblings have shared they received an advanced copy except for Jill.

Since their move to California in 2019, Jinger hasn’t spent much time in Arkansas. She has returned for family events but not for any extended stays.

It will be interesting to see where the entire family lands after the book goes live and all of Jinger’s story is told. She laid a lot out for the public to read, and learning how damaging the IBLP was to her psyche was eye-opening.

Jinger Duggar has been through a lot but has become stronger on the other side.

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