Duggars divided? Jill and cousin Amy support Jinger after harsh critiicism of family’s religious beliefs

Jinger Duggar posing for a selfie.
Jinger Duggar is ready for the release of her book. Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Jinger Duggar is getting candid about what life was like growing up in a religious household and what she’s learned since marrying her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, in November 2016.

The former Counting On star has changed her look and some of her beliefs, revealing that her deep dive into the Bible as a married adult has changed her outlook on several things.

Since the couple’s move to California in 2019, Jinger has become more mainstream than many of her sisters and siblings.

News about the book Jinger authored regarding her religious freedom journey broke last year, and the Duggar daughter made it clear that while some may think it is a tell-all about Duggar life, that is not the case.

With the book dropping at the end of the month, Jinger is doing her press tour. And with that comes some revelations many critics saw coming a mile away. However, there is also support from family members who have been speaking out for years.

Jinger may not have written a tell-all, but what she says is very telling.

Jinger Duggar reveals ‘fear’ was prevalent during her childhood

In an interview with PEOPLE, Jinger Duggar talked about the book and some of the situations she endured while growing up in the ultra-conservative Duggar family.

She said, “Fear was a huge part of my childhood. I thought I had to wear only skirts and dresses to please God. Music with drums, places I went or the wrong friendships could all bring harm.”

The Counting On star discussed how she was crippled with anxiety over her choices about doing things, believing harm would come if she upset God.

Things began to change for her in 2017 when she realized that she was raised in fear and not on the word of God.

Jinger talked about the IBLP teachings, which were founded by Bill Gothard, and are still practiced and believed by her parents and several of her siblings today. She said, “His teachings were so harmful, and I’m seeing more of the effects of that in the lives of my friends and people who grew up in that community with me. There are a lot of cult-like tendencies.”

It’s interesting to see Jinger use the words “cult-like” as several family critics have called out the IBLP and even the family for being in a cult. She was always the one followers believed would be more worldly, and it looks like she has come full circle with realizing what her upbringing caused her.

Jinger Duggar sees support from Jill, cousin Amy, and Aunt Deanna Duggar

While it’s unclear how the Duggar family as a whole will react to Jinger Duggar’s book, she has some support straight out of the gate.

It’s no secret Jill Duggar has veered away from her family’s teachings and moved into a more open form of religion with her husband, Derick Dillard. Her dealings with her parents and siblings have been strained at times, though it seems to have gotten better recently. For a while, it seemed she only had her cousin Amy Duggar King on her side.

Speaking of cousin Amy, she came out with support for Jinger’s new book. She has been overly critical of her famous family, especially regarding Josh Duggar and his crimes. And Amy’s mother, Deanna Duggar, also left words of encouragement on Jinger’s post.

All three women emphasized Jinger’s beauty in their comments and highlighted their pride for her.

Comment from Jill and cousin Amy.
Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Amy’s mom, Deanna, is the sister of Jim Bob Duggar. She has also been vocal about the things happening within her brother’s family.

Deanna Duggar comment.
Pic credit: @jingervuolo/Instagram

Only time will tell how the rest of the Duggars will react to what Jinger wrote in her book and what that will do to her relationships with her siblings.

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