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Amy Duggar King lounges in swimsuit while celebrating being ‘kid free’

Amy Duggar King smiling in a selfie.
Amy Duggar King relaxes in a pool lounger. Pic credit: @amyrachelleking/Instagram

Amy Duggar King is known to be freer than her Duggar cousins.

She has always dressed the way she wanted, went to public school, and dated without the intention of marriage.

The Duggar cousin shared a photo of herself relaxing on a lounge float in a swimming pool. Her printed swimsuit was visible, as were her arms and legs, which would never be allowed in her cousins’ reality.

Amy appeared to have a drink in her hand, which looked like an iced coffee or tea.

The former reality TV star could relax a bit when her son, Dax, was out enjoying a fun day.

Showing off in a swimsuit is definitely not a typical Duggar thing to do, but Amy continues to prove she is nothing like her cousins.

Amy Duggar King shows off printed swimsuit

Even though Amy Duggar King isn’t like her Duggar cousins, she isn’t one to typically show off her clothing or swimwear.

She does post some outfit inspiration from her store, 3130 Clothing. Jill Duggar has modeled some clothing for her, and several of her cousins visited the store when it first opened for help with promotions.

However, Amy did share the photo of her lounging in the pool with her printed swimsuit and an iced drink. Having a few hours “kid free” appeared to do wonders for the mom of one.

Amy Duggar King in the pool.
Pic credit: @amyrachelleking/Instagram

Amy Duggar King celebrated Jill Duggar with a baby shower

Amy Duggar King and her mom, Deanna Duggar, cohosted a baby shower with Cathy Dillard, Derick’s mom, in honor of Jill Duggar.

The event happened earlier this summer and at a perfect time as Jill and Derick welcomed their third child a few weeks early.

Photos of the event were shared, and many questioned where Jill’s siblings and sisters-in-law were. Jessa Duggar spoke up and revealed she attended the event thrown by her cousin and Aunt Deanna but that the other family members were busy with other engagements.

Jill and Amy have grown closer since the Duggar daughter walked away from Counting On and the IBLP. Amy has been there for her cousin through the ups and downs and continues to be someone she can count on.

There is a big divide between Deanna and Amy with Jim Bob Duggar. The mother and daughter duo have spoken out against everything that went down with Josh Duggar, spilling only what they can as they are bound under an NDA.

Amy Duggar King is more worldly than her cousins, but seeing her in a swimsuit was still a bit surprising.

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