Jinger Duggar and Jana Duggar wear pants while posing with Michelle Duggar

Jinger, Michelle, and Jana Duggar in Counting On confessionals.
Jinger and Jana posed with Michelle Duggar while wearing pants. Pic credit: TLC

Wearing pants as a Duggar has become much less taboo since Jinger Duggar broke the rule shortly after marrying Jeremy Vuolo.

Jinger isn’t the only Duggar daughter to wear pants, though. Jana Duggar has also been spotted wearing pants, which is a bit more taboo because she is unmarried.

While in California visiting Jinger, Jana wore pants during an outing. Jinger, Jana, and Michelle Duggar posed for a photo, and the sisters were wearing pants.

Jinger Duggar and Jana Duggar wear pants while out with Michelle Duggar

The photo of Jinger Duggar posing with Michelle Duggar and Jana Duggar made the cut on the reel Jana shared from her trip to California. She flew out with her mom and brothers Jason and James Duggar to spend time with Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo.

Seeing Michelle posed in between Jinger and Jana was interesting. She was still wearing a skirt, though underneath were leggings. The Duggar mother still follows the rules put into place by her husband, Jim Bob Duggar. Michelle has yet to wear pants alone, despite nearly all of her adult daughters doing so.

Jinger, Michelle, and Jana Duggar in California.
Pic credit: @janamduggar/Instagram

It’s unclear how long Michelle Duggar stayed in California. At one point, Michelle, Jana, Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth, James, and Jason were all visiting Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo.

Jason and James left to head to Colorado, Joy-Anna and Austin went home after a few days, and Jana recently went back home to Arkansas. Michelle may have stayed with Jana, but it’s possible she went home sooner.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar blamed for what happened to Duggar sisters

Earlier this month, the Duggar sisters’ lawsuit against the county and specific individuals regarding the release of the 2006 police report in 2015 was dismissed.

Jill Duggar was the only sister to release a statement, and that’s when critics chimed in and blamed Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar for the girls not being protected. Jill, Jessa Duggar, Jinger Duggar, and Joy-Anna Duggar were the four girls who filed suit.

It was rumored that Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo were estranged from Jim Bob and Michelle based on their comments following Josh Duggar’s conviction. They were firm in their condemnation, and one of the more harsh statements came from them.

Seeing that Michelle visited Jinger and Jeremy squashed those rumors, but it did raise questions about whether the family was fracturing further. Since the 2015 molestation scandal was made public, a lot has happened, and it seems the Duggars do have cracks in their foundation.

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2 years ago

Oh, my God! Stop the presses! They’re wearing pants! Who the heck cares, and what’s the obsession this rag mag has with the Duggers.

2 years ago

Please. .she’s wearing leggings.