Jill Duggar shares Father’s Day chaos while acknowledging Jim Bob Duggar

Jill Duggar selfie
Jill Duggar mentioned Jim Bob Duggar in her Father’s Day post. Pic credit: @jillmdillard/Instagram

Jill Duggar and her relationship with her dad, Jim Bob Duggar, is complicated at best.

There’s been a disconnect since she walked away from Counting On in 2017, and she insisted that she be paid for her work on the show.

It was revealed that Jill and Derick needed permission to be at the Duggar compound and couldn’t be alone around her younger siblings.

After they spoke out on their YouTube channel and Derick attended every day of Josh Duggar’s CSAM trial in December 2021, some thought the rift might be put to bed. However, that would be wrong.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets debuted earlier this month, and Jill and Derick didn’t hold back. She talked about how her dad had signed a contract for her and her feelings about doing the press that insinuated she was over what Josh did to her in the early 2000s and had forgiven him, selling the idea it was not a big deal a decade later.

But, it seems that Jill still loves her dad despite the disagreements.

Jill Duggar shouts out Jim Bob in a late Father’s Day share

Jill Duggar didn’t make it to Instagram on Father’s Day due to a chaotic return from a family vacation with Derick Dillard, his brother, and his wife.

She penned a sweet note to Derick and included several photos of him in the carousel that was shared along with the tribute.

However, her shoutout to Jim Bob Duggar left followers scratching their heads.

Jill wrote, in part, “đź’™Also happy Father’s Day to my dad @duggarfam love you so much and hope you had a lovely day!”

James Duggar also shared a tribute to his dad, revealing he was “proud” to be his child no matter what anyone else may say. The wording he chose was interesting, significantly because Jill raised him as he was part of her “buddy team.”

It seems that James and Jill are still on good terms, though.

Jedidiah Duggar isn’t happy with Jill Duggar

Following her appearance on Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets, Jill Duggar announced she had written a tell-all book called Counting The Cost. It was slated to be released in January 2024, but with all of the interest in the book via presales, the publisher moved the release date to mid-September.

Jedidiah Duggar took aim at Jill’s supporters in the comment section of her initial announcement. He was refuting claims about their family, but Jill never acknowledged him.

Since he is likely the one to follow in Jim Bob Duggar’s shoes, he went hard on his sister. Jed wants to fill the shoes his disgraced brother, Josh Duggar, vacated.

Despite all of the animosity that appears to be going on in the family, Jill Duggar seems to be happy with her life and her supportive husband, Derick Dillard.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is now streaming on Prime Video.

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