Jedidiah Duggar does Jim Bob Duggar’s bidding while dismissing Jill Duggar’s tell-all

Jedidiah Duggar and his wife Katelyn Nakatsu.
Jedidiah Duggar isn’t thrilled about Jill Duggar’s book. Pic credit: @jed_duggar/Instagram

Jedidiah Duggar made his stance known about Jill Duggar and her tell-all book Counting The Cost.

Jill has been open and honest about some siblings not supporting her leaving the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), and it seems Jed is one of them.

She and Derick Dillard walked away from Counting On in 2017, and since then, things with some family members have been strained.

When Jill announced her book earlier this week, Jed popped up in the comment section to like some of the disparaging remarks that were posted. He also took the time to respond to one of the commenters, who likely supported Jill. However, that has since been deleted.

While she received support from her cousin Amy Duggar King and her Aunt Deanna Duggar, there hasn’t been any support from her siblings, just the moves made by Jed.

It seems like Jed is in charge of doing the dirty work for Jim Bob Duggar, as he aims to protect his image.

Jedidiah Duggar says, ‘The true shame is on you’

Even though Jedidiah Duggar is expecting (or recently had) his second child with his wife, Katelyn Nakatsu, he still made time to sift through the comment section of Jill Duggar’s book announcement.

The comment section on Jill’s post is a rough place right now. The comment Jed responded to seemingly disappeared, but his point was obvious.

He wrote, “Excuse you, but you don’t know our family at all. Please don’t make assumptions about things that 100% none of your business. The true shame is on you.”

Jedidiah Duggar's comment on Jill's post.
Jedidiah Duggar claps back at someone who supports Jill Duggar. Pic credit: @jillmdillard/Instagram

Jill Duggar’s book will expose Jim Bob Duggar’s abuse of power

For followers waiting to hear what Jill Duggar experienced, this book is where it will all be laid. Jill and Derick Dillard have teased a tell-all for some time, and it’s due out early next year.

Jedidiah Duggar wasn’t a huge part of 19 Kids and Counting or Counting On. He wasn’t in a courtship or doing anything exciting when the show filmed, aside from running for local office, a race which he lost. Jed reportedly “moved out” of the big house and into his own place with his twin brother, Jeremiah Duggar. However, that didn’t last long because he returned home to the Duggar compound once he lost his bid for office.

Jill’s book threatens to expose the hierarchy and patriarchy under which she and her siblings were raised. She delves into the abuse of power used by her father, including tricking her into signing contracts that bound her to film everything for the show.

With Josh Duggar behind bars for his crimes, Jed is the next boy in line to pick up where Josh fell short. Jim Bob had hoped that Josh would become the next prominent government figure, but that disappeared when the 2015 scandal broke. Now, Jed is on the path and eager to please his father, as was made clear in his comment.

Unfortunately, this is likely just the beginning of the unraveling. Once Jill’s book hits the stands, plenty more is expected to be revealed.

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Pat Carroll
Pat Carroll
1 year ago

Not once did Jedidiah Duggar speak out against the horrible things his brother Josh did. Why is he speaking out now? Maybe because all the Duggar boys are being supported by Jim Bob and they will lose their source of income?