Jill Duggar posts ‘no longer a slave to fear’ message, fans think she is shading famous family

Is Jill Duggar throwing shade at her famous family?
Fans might be reading too much into Jill Duggar’s latest social media message. Pic credit: @JillDuggar/Instagram

Jill Duggar Dillard’s Instagram Story with a “no longer a slave to fear” message, has fans convinced she is throwing shade at her famous family.

Fans have been closely watching the Duggar family since rumors began swirling. Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, are distancing themselves from Jim Bob and Michelle. Derek confirmed in an Instagram Live that he is writing a tell-all about the famous family.

His revelation raised eyebrows, as fans continue to sleuth through what is really going on with Jill and the rest of her family. Those same fans are watching Jill’s every move to prove the theory she is on the outs with Jim Bob and Michelle.

Jill’s latest message

Jill shared an Instagram story with a picture of the air freshener she had in her car. The air freshener read “no longer a slave to fear,” and Jill captioned the photo with “sparks joy.” She also tagged Natural Life, the company that makes the product.

Her followers started commenting on her message and discussing it on Reddit. One user said it was a cryptic message alluding to her no longer being a slave to her family and their “ridiculous rules.”

Fans praised Jill for taking her life in a new direction. There was overwhelming support for Jill, even though there is no proof she is breaking away from the Duggar clan.

Are fans making something out of nothing?

There is no doubt Jill’s fans desperately want to see her escape from Jim Bob’s clutches. However, the Instagram post is likely nothing more than Jill sharing Natural Life products on social media.

She has a sponsorship with the company and often showcases their stuff. For example, the other day, Jill posted a photo of her in a hippie dress from Natural Life.

Jill has emerged as the family rebel over the past couple of years, which fans love. She no longer follows the Duggar dress code, and she decided to send her oldest son, Israel, to public school. The latter is breaking the long-standing homeschooling traditions of the famous family.

Fans are convinced there is a hidden meaning to Jill Duggar’s latest Instagram Story, but the fans could merely be looking for something that isn’t there.

Sometimes a social media message or post is simply that, a post. However, that will not stop fans from searching for clues on The Duggar family rift. After all, fans love Jill and want nothing more than to prove she is no longer under her father’s thumb.

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