Jessa Duggar shares Spurgeon’s new book, says he spent ‘4 hours straight’ reading

Jessa Duggar on Counting On.
Jessa Duggar shared Spurgeon’s reading story. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar isn’t one to shy away from bragging about her four kids.

This time, it’s her six-year-old, Spurgeon, who is getting all of the praise.

That’s right, the little boy is a reading champ, according to his mom. Jessa shared he’s read almost 200 pages of a book in just one day.

What is Spurgeon reading?

On Instagram, Jessa Duggar shared that Joy-Anna Duggar dropped off a new book for her kids to read, and Spurgeon picked it right up.

It’s called Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey, and it is a Christian tale.

She wrote, “Aunt @joy4site dropped off a new book for the kids this morning! You know it’s a good book when your 6-year-old decides to plant himself on the couch for some morning reading, and then he just can’t stop. 4 hours straight, only breaking for lunch because mom insisted. I’m impressed! He definitely takes after his dad, @ben_seewald! ? ? 180 pages in, 30 to go.”

Almost 200 pages in one day as a six-year-old is pretty impressive, and Jessa wanted to make sure her followers know about Spurgeon’s feat.

What is Jessa Duggar up to now?

Without Counting On, Jessa Duggar has been busy filming content for her YouTube channel and keeping up with social media. She is the only Duggar sibling to really work the various platforms and earn an income from posting. Joy-Anna Duggar shares videos on occasion, like the California trip highlights, but doesn’t push as hard as her big sister.

She and Ben Seewald are renovating a house and will be moving there sometime this year. Jessa has kept followers updated with the progress and even clapped back when some followers questioned whether her dad, Jim Bob Duggar, helped the couple get the house. She insists she and Ben did it on their own.

Her latest update was done at the end of January, and they had begun packing their home. It doesn’t appear they have moved quite yet, as the photos of Spurgeon with his book were taken in the home they have lived in since getting married. Jessa and Ben are doing a lot of updates to the house they are renovating but based on the latest video, it appears things are going well.

Jessa Duggar may have a lot on her plate, but she’s never too busy to show off her children and their accomplishments.

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