Jessa Duggar says ’10/10 recommend’ for the epidural as she talks hospital birth

Jessa Duggar in a confessional.
Jessa Duggar talked about the hospital birth. Pic credit: TLC

Jessa Duggar gave followers an inside look at her kids meeting baby girl Fern at the hospital earlier this week. 

She dropped a third part to her birth story, which included her three children meeting their baby sister, some time with Spurgeon eating at the big house with Jessa’s siblings, and some real talk about the birth and postpartum moments. 

One of the more interesting parts of the latest video was Jessa describing the difference in this birth from her other ones. This was the first hospital birth for the mom-of-four. 

What did Jessa Duggar say about the epidural? 

Interestingly enough, Jessa Duggar talked about the epidural. She got it later in labor, but she did say it was nice not to feel some of the pain while giving birth. 

Her take on it was “10/10 recommend,” which is a pretty big deal since some of the Duggar siblings have avoided birthing in a hospital and epidurals. Some of her sisters and sisters-in-law had hospital births, including Jinger Duggar, who she is incredibly close to. 

There was also some discussion about postpartum cramping. Jessa revealed it had gotten worse with each birth, though the epidural helped with some of that as well. 

Overall, it appears that the Counting On personality enjoyed the hospital birth.  

Spurgeon tells the Duggars about Fern 

At the big house, Spurgeon was telling his family members about baby Fern. Some of Jessa’s siblings were sitting at the table with him while they were eating a meal. Jason Duggar was talking to his nephew a lot, and John-David Duggar was also seen on camera. 

The timetable on when the footage was shot is a bit unclear, but it was likely done before he and his siblings went to visit Fern in the hospital. Ben Seewald’s mom and sister were in town for the birth, so it is unclear if Spurgeon spent time at the big house without them or what happened. 

Fern was brought home by Jessa and Ben and reunited with her siblings already. The couple will be adjusting to life with four kids and back to a schedule with a newborn waking up and long nights. It was said that the little one is already a good eater, which may make for an easier transition for the family. 

As they enjoy these next few weeks, followers are interested to see how the children adjust and how much sleep Jessa Duggar will get with four kids five and under.

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