Jess Edwards speaks out after being dragged by Bachelor fans

The Bachelor contestant Jess Edwards
Jess Edwards responds to The Bachelor backlash. Pic credit: ABC

Jess Edwards is speaking out amid ongoing backlash from The Bachelor fans after Tuesday night’s episode.

Jess shared a lengthy message on social media and explained her behavior toward Maria Georgas – who was already being targeted by a few salty cast members after Sydney Gordon was sent home.

Bachelor Nation fans have been rallying around Maria for the past few weeks after she was unfairly accused of being a bully by Sydney.

Sydney was sent home on Monday night, and Maria enjoyed Joey’s company and was gifted the coveted rose.

Jess also spent some private time with Joey in Tuesday’s episode after winning the artwork challenge, but she didn’t get a rose.

Instead, that honor went to Maria again – and after a group date, no less.

However, when the brunette beauty — she was already safe from elimination — stole more time with Joey… Jess was furious.

During an angry rant, the California native had some choice words for Maria, and now she’s regretting her behavior.

Jess Edwards speaks on her behavior in the latest episode

The Bachelor contestant took to social media with a lengthy Instagram post and noted that Tuesday’s episode was hard to watch.

“In the moment I was upset about losing time on multiple occasions due to drama,” she explained. “Although it’s no excuse, I let built-up emotions & anger get the best of me.”

Jess continued, saying she regrets her behavior, adding, “I do not condone bullying, name calling, etc. and apologies were made immediately.”

Before ending her message, the 24-year-old issued a reminder for viewers sending hateful messages to the cast.

“We are more than just characters on your screen we are humans with real emotions and flings,” she said.

Jess Edwards Instagram Story
Jess Edwards speaks out. Pic credit: @jessicaedwards___/Instagram

The Bachelor fans call out Jess’ hypocrisy after she targeted Maria Georgas

Meanwhile, Jess is not escaping the wrath of fans who called out the hypocrisy in her behavior.

Keep in mind that on night one Jess did the very thing she got mad at Maria about in the latest episode.

“how can you say maria is disrespectful for stealing joey when that was you in episode one 😭,” questioned one commenter.

“The fact that you’re getting mad that Maria stole Joey from a girl when you did that in the first episode lol,” said someone else.

Jess Edwards speaks out on Instagram
Bachelor fans weigh in on Jess. Pic credit: @jessicaedwards___/Instagram

One viewer wrote, “So confused. Why is it Maria’s fault that you never got off the couch to go and spend time with Joey?”

Another added, “The jealousy of Maria is crazyyyyy didn’t you go and steal Joey on the first episode and kissed him and told everyone???”

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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