Jess Edwards teases ‘who here you trust the least’ in The Bachelor mansion

Jess on Season 28 of The Bachelor
Jess has been having some fun on social media as Season 28 of The Bachelor plays out. Pic credit: ABC

Jess Edwards hit Season 28 of The Bachelor with a bang.

She started during the premiere of Joey Graziadei’s season by rubbing some of the other girls the wrong way.

But when Jess opened up to Joey about her trust issues after a bad breakup, she got a rose before the rose ceremony.

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That had The Bachelor viewers hating on her despite looking like she could be sisters with Hannah Brown and Susie Evans.

It’s unfortunate that Bachelor Nation doesn’t like Jess more because she seems like she’s actually pretty fun.

At least based on her social media she’s a lot of fun, anyway.

Jess Edwards TikToks about trust issues in The Bachelor mansion

Jess Edwards has a fun TikTok account where she makes a lot of lip-sync videos and relates them to her Bachelor experience.

One of the more recent ones features Marysol Patton’s voice from The Real Housewives of Miami, where she says, “I just wanna know who here you trust the least.”

Over the top of the video, Jess wrote: “when you’re stuck at the mansion but gotta stay entertained.”

Making this video even funnier, Jess captioned the video, “we love a girl chat hehe.”

The feud between Sydney and Maria will heat up even more

Jess can thank Sydney and Maria for taking the heat off her when it comes to The Bachelor viewers’ opinions.

While many hated on Jess at first, they’re busy now taking aim at Sydney after she continues to peck at Maria each week.

Last week, she went to Joey and claimed that Maria was bullying her when viewers actually believed that Sydney was the bully.

Next week, things will get even worse between the two when The Bachelor cast heads to Malta.

In a sneak peek shared this week, Sydney continues making claims about Maria that we haven’t seen to be true in the episodes thus far, and again, Sydney will go to Joey to snitch and try to get her sent home.

We even see Sydney admit that she doesn’t think Maria is the right person for Joey and that she will do her best to ensure Maria leaves.

Could that be a move that backfires on Sydney? Or will she be successful in getting Maria sent home even though Maria has already asked The Bachelor viewers to “be kind” amid the backlash that has seemingly caused Sydney to turn her social media comments off?

We’ll have to tune in to see how Joey handles all this unwanted drama.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC with a special Tuesday episode added to the lineup next week.

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