Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi has hilarious reaction to being called Snooki by her kids

nicole snooki polizzi at jersey shore family vacation reunion part 2
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi during the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Reunion. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore debuted over a decade ago on MTV, bringing memorable characters, including DJ Pauly D, The Situation, Sammi Sweetheart, and Snooki.

The latter, real name Nicole Polizzi, is still referred to by fans as Snooki these days, but now her children have also started to call her by her famous nickname.

One must wonder if the reality TV personality finds it cute and endearing or weird and annoying to have her kids calling her that. She’s previously stated that she’s not a fan of that nickname and wished she didn’t have it.

She shares three kids with her husband, Jionni LaValle, whom she married in November 2014. Jionni likely uses her first name or another sweet nickname of his choosing rather than calling her “Snooki.”

However, her children have now embraced the pop culture phenomenon that is Jersey Shore, using their mother’s iconic reality TV name.

Their use of her JS name led to Snooki sharing a hilarious reaction to how she feels about the kids starting to call her that.

Snooki shares funny Jersey Shore bit about her kids calling her ‘Snooki’

Taking to TikTok, Snooki uploaded a quick video clip to react to her three kids calling their mom by her Jersey Shore nickname, “Snooki.”

With her hair a slight mess, the 35-year-old reality TV star and mother of three appears in a half-zipped sweatshirt with a ribbon around her that features the word “LOVE” on it repeatedly. Her top also features the word but is split into two letters, each on two lines.

The clip features Snooki lipsynching to a younger version of herself from an old episode of Jersey Shore in which she’s questioning castmates and possibly some others in the scene.

“Why’s everyone actin’ weird towards me?” she asks, as someone suggests they’re not, and she should chill.

“No, seriously?” she asks, with Snooki putting up her hand in the video to gesture that she really wants to know what’s going on.

“When I yell at my daughter, she says OKAY SNOOKI. Fml,” she wrote in her TikTok video’s caption.


When i yell at my daughter, she says OKAY SNOOKI. Fml.

♬ original sound – user46443582759

Fans are amused by Snooki’s hilarious TikTok video

With Snooki singling out her daughter in the TikTok video’s caption, several of her commenters reacted to the funny notion.

“You should call her Snooki Jr right back ?? she is your twin ❤️,” one of the more popular comments said.

“She’s a spicy meatball, gets it from her momma ?,” another commenter wrote.

snooki fans comment about her tiktok video about kids
Fans comment about Snooki getting called Snooki by kids. Pic credit: @snooki/TikTok

“How is Snooki gonna call you Snooki,” one individual asked, with several crying laughing emojis next to their comment.

One individual even said they were “never a fan of the show,” adding, “yet I always liked Snooki.”

Based on the video, Snooki’s daughter, Giovanna, 7, is the main culprit in calling her mom by her name. However, the reality TV star also has two sons, Lorenzo, 10, and Angelo, 3, who might also be using the name with their mother.

Despite her best attempts, Nicole Polizzi may never escape the fame that came with her crazy Snooki character on the Jersey Shore. She previously revealed during an E! True Hollywood Story that she was sick of her nickname and wished she could “change it,” preferring her real name, Nicole.

Per FOX News, her nickname came from the 2001 teen dance movie, Save the Last Dance, which features a character with that name.

Viewers will see her back on MTV for the spinoff show, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 7. She’ll appear with her famous castmates, who have known her as Snooki since the original reality TV show’s earliest days.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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