Jersey Shore: Snooki’s husband Jionni LaValle possibly hinting at trouble with cryptic posts

Jersey Shore's Snooki and her husband Jionni LaValle.
Jionni LaValle has shared some strange messages making it seem like something is wrong between him and Jersey Shore’s Snooki. Pic credit: @jlavalle5/Instagram

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has been married to her husband, Jionni LaValle, for seven years.

Despite rumors that they were having marriage trouble, the two have continued to go strong.

They celebrated their most recent anniversary with sentimental posts on their social media as they gushed about their love for one another.

Jionni appeared alongside Snooki in the early days of filming Jersey Shore but has remained off camera throughout the Jersey Shore Family Vacation spinoff.

When Jionni posts to social media, he often shares photos of his and Snooki’s three children, Lorenzo, 9, Giovanna, 7, and Angelo, 3.

Recently, however, it seems that Jionni could be going through some trouble.

He shared a cryptic message on his social media page that seemed to indicate something was wrong.

Jersey Shore star Snooki’s husband Jionni LaValle shares cryptic post

Jionni is fairly private and doesn’t share much about his personal life on social media.

Snooki rarely talks about him when filming out of respect for him, and he doesn’t make too many appearances in the photos she shares.

His recent Instagram Story made it seem like he was going through a tough time.

He shared a cryptic message but didn’t elaborate much on it.

He wrote, “Your all alone with no1 and nothing to turn to……What you going to do???”

Jionni shares cryptic post.
Pic credit: @jlavalle5/Instagram

It’s unclear whether his message was directed at someone else or whether he was trying to provide some motivation to himself.

Either way, the post begs the question of whether something is going on with him and possibly Snooki.

Jionni LaValle shares posts of family outing with Snooki and kids

While it’s possible that Jionni’s post could signal trouble in his marriage to Snooki, he did recently share a few posts that included her.

The first post was a video that showed Snooki laying in bed as Angelo was jumping all over her.

Jionni shares video of Snooki.
Pic credit: @jlavalle5/Instagram

He also shared a photo from a week earlier that showed Snooki and Jionni clamming alongside their children.

He captioned the post, “She makes clamming look good!”

Jionni shares photo of Snooki.
Pic credit: @jlavalle5/Instagram

The intention of Jionni’s cryptic post remains a mystery, but it looks like he and Snooki are doing just fine based on recent posts.

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