Jersey Shore fans think Lauren Sorrentino is ‘unrecognizable,’ think she had cosmetic work done

Jersey Shore fans thought Lauren looked completely different in a recent photo. Pic credit: MTV

Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans have had a closer look at the children and spouses of their favorite roommates during the last couple of seasons.

When the pandemic struck, restrictions were put into place while filming, as the cast had to remain quarantined on location.

This caused the Jersey Shore crew to bring their families and significant others along, and now the past few seasons, viewers have gotten to know the cast’s families on a much deeper level.

One spouse who has gotten a lot of screen time in the last few seasons is Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s wife, Lauren Sorrentino.

Lauren has even graduated to doing some of her own confessional interviews during the most recent season. She and Mike have been very open with their followers about their life as they’ve shared important milestones, including the latest happenings with their son Romeo.

During a recent cast vacation, fans noted how great Lauren looked post-partum, but in her most recent photo, fans were completely stunned. Not only did they think she looked “unrecognizable,” but they wondered whether she had some cosmetic work done.

Jersey Shore fans think Lauren Sorrentino is ‘unrecognizable’ and wonder if she had a nose job

Mike and Lauren got dressed up for a date night, and they shared a photo of themselves on Instagram.

Mike wore a button-down shirt and black pants, and Lauren stood next to him in a sleek, form-fitting dress.

Many fans were impressed with how good the couple looked, but others were taken back by Lauren’s appearance.

One fan thought that Lauren appeared “unrecognizable.”

A second person shared the same thought and admitted they “had to zoom in and double-check” that it was her.

Fans think Lauren is “unrecognizable.” Pic credit: @lauren_sorrentino/Instagram

As followers continued to try and figure out why Lauren looked so different, a few people started making assumptions about what had changed.

One person was convinced that Lauren had a “nose job.”

A follower thinks Lauren had a “nose job.” Pic credit: @lauren_sorrentino/Instagram

Others thought that her new veneers and her work on her teeth had changed up her appearance.

Fans speculate why Lauren looks different. Pic credit: @lauren_sorrentino/Instagram

Regardless of the reasoning, many people agreed that Lauren looked “gorgeous,” as several comments consisted of compliments and fire emojis.

Fans think Lauren looks good. Pic credit: @lauren_sorrentino/Instagram

Jersey Shore’s Lauren Sorrentino explains why she looks different

As followers continued to comment on the post and tried to figure out why Lauren’s appearance had changed so much, Lauren offered some insight.

In a comment on the post, she reminded everyone that she did have her teeth done recently.

She wrote, “[Aesthetics by Andi] did my teeth! She’s incredible and it completely elevates your look and face!”

Lauren admits to having teeth done. Pic credit: @lauren_sorrentino/Instagram

She also defended her appearance in her Instagram stories. She shared the photo of her and Mike once more and let people know that she did use a filter to change her skin tone.

She wrote, “Hi everyone, it’s a Live Photo [laughing emoji] all I did was put a VSCO color filter on bc Mike is tan and I’m not lol.”

Lauren defends her appearance. Pic credit: @lauren_sorrentino/Instagram

The most recent Jersey Shore Family Vacation season wrapped up this month, but the cast has already started to film for the next one.

Fans should stay tuned, as they’ll likely see more of Lauren in the upcoming season.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.

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