Jersey Shore: Chris Larangeira responds to Angelina Pivarnick’s shade, ‘walking towards something better’

Chris Larangeira and Angelina Pivarnick on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Chris Larangeira seemingly responds to Angelina Pivarnick’s shade. Pic credit: MTV

Chris Larangeira and Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Angelina Pivarnick continue to take turns throwing jabs at one another.

Angelina has shared some cryptic posts on social media lately, and some of them seem to be directed at Chris.

Chris has shared some messages himself in less than subtle ways, including referring to himself as “the Kanye West of Staten Island” and making it seem like he was ready to spill some dirt on Angelina.

Angelina hasn’t been too outspoken regarding her impending divorce, but she recently opened up on social media following an episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. She shared that Chris has continued to spread lies about her to her costars and the media even though he has “no proof.”

Most recently, Angelina shared a post that seemed like a direct snub at Chris with the song He Wasn’t Man Enough by Toni Braxton playing, as she added a “100” emoji.

Now, it seems Chris is striking back with a post of his own.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation’s Chris Larangeira responds to Angelina Pivarnick’s shade

Even though Angelina didn’t come out directly and say her post was meant for Chris, the timing of it lines up with her recent claims that Chris’s actions amid their divorce “broke” her.

It seems that Chris is clapping back at the post with one of his own.

He shared a recent reel on Instagram that showed him with his back turned as he walked away from the camera. Next to that image was a “loading” sign.

Chris captioned the post, “Walking away or walking towards something better. It’s all perspective. #positivevibes = #positivelife.”

Several of his followers commented on the post to share their support for Chris.

One fan reassured him that things were “definitely going to be better.”

Another commended him for being “such a gentleman.”

A separate person chimed in and wished him the “best of luck with whatever you do as long as it makes you happy.”

Chris' comment section
Fans show support for Chris. Pic credit: @chris_e_piss_e/Instagram

Angelina Pivarnick admits she’s ‘very emotional’ watching episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation

As Angelina and Chris go through the motions of their divorce, the current season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation documented the issues in their relationship.

The episodes have shown Angelina’s struggle in figuring out what to do in regard to her marriage to Chris as the two of them tried different things to make it work.

Angelina recently admitted that she’s been “very emotional” as she’s watched the episodes back.

Angelina did file for divorce from Chris previously before the two of them changed their minds and tried to work on things together. It’s unknown if they could have another change of heart this time around.

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