Jeremy Vuolo praises Jinger Duggar as ‘an amazing mom’ as he catches her ‘stealing a moment’

Jeremy and Jinger in a confessional.
Jeremy Vuolo praised Jinger Duggar as “an amazing mom.” Pic credit: TLC

Jeremy Vuolo always praises his wife, Jinger Duggar.

Whether she is building a swing set in shorts and a white t-shirt or just spending time with him watching TV, Jeremy is forever in awe of Jinger.

Now, he’s bringing even more praise and adoration as Jinger finds herself in a busy season of life with their daughters, Felicity and Evangeline.

Jeremy Vuolo calls Jinger Duggar ‘an amazing mom’

On Instagram, Jeremy Vuolo shared a photo he took of Jinger Duggar while she was “stealing a moment” outside while watching their daughters play.

He wrote, “Parenting is hard ? they’re the cutest human beings in the world but a 3 1/2 and 1 year old demand a ton of attention. I caught @jingervuolo stealing a moment to read in between chasing the girls. She told me the other day she’s gonna try to get some good reading in when she has a moment instead of scrolling Instagram. I love this woman. She’s an amazing mom. (And I should be reading instead of being on the gram ?)”

Jinger Duggar’s dedication to her family

Jeremy Vuolo praised his wife for being “an amazing mom,” and it’s not the first time. He continually shares sweet messages about his wife and how much she is adored and loved.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy decided to no longer show their daughters’ faces on social media. While Felicity was a huge part of Counting On when they filmed, they chose to only share photos of her from behind or with her face covered more recently.

Evangeline was shown as a newborn and was given a birth special before Counting On was canceled. However, aside from a TLCMe update from the couple when Evangeline was a few months old, followers haven’t seen what the little girl looks like.

The married couple makes it a point to spend time together without the children to keep their marriage alive. Jeremy shared a selfie with Jinger at a wedding she stood up in, which garnered a lot of attention because she wore a spaghetti-strap dress.

She recently shared a selfie of the two of them shopping while she sported frayed cut-off jean shorts and a fitted t-shirt. They were shopping together, something they both love.

Jeremy Vuolo is Jinger Duggar’s biggest fan, and if he sees a moment to praise her, he wastes no time letting the world know just how great she is and what she means to him.

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