Jeremy and Florita from Love Island USA photos show them together after the show

Jeremy and Florita from Love Island USA
Jeremy and Florita from Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

When Florita Diaz left Love Island USA, she said she would never want to be with someone like Jeremy Hershberg after watching the episodes of the show.

She changed her mind quickly, it appears.

While Florita and Jeremy have not admitted to spending any time together, photos from each of their Instagram stories tell a different truth.

Florita and Jeremy were together in Fort Lauderdale

It appears that Florita and Jeremy were together in Fort Lauderdale recently.

They didn’t mention each other and seemed to keep it on the down-low, but they each posted a photo on their individual Instagram stories that showed they were in the same place

In Floirta’s photo, she was posing on a balcony of a hotel with the ocean behind her.

In Jeremy’s photos, the pic was taken from a balcony of a hotel of the ocean and the words “my second home.”

Take a close look at the two and it is obvious they were taken from the exact same balcony. The trees, the pool, and the shelter to the right are in the exact same location in both photos.

Pic credit: @floritadiaz_/Instagram and @jeremyhershberg/Instagram

Florita bashed Jeremy after leaving Love Island USA

This comes as a bit of a surprise considering what Florita had previously said.

After leaving Love Island USA, Florita said she would never date someone like Jeremy in real life after watching his actions on Love Island USA.

“I actually didn’t like the way he went about with Trina and I really wished I knew how it all really went down,” Florita said. “Also the fact that he lied on TV saying that he never told me that him and Aimee are more on a friendship level.”

“If I had known I would’ve never chose him and stayed with Korey who my feelings were always stronger with anyway! I truly don’t think he was trying to hurt anyone’s feelings but he could have definitely gone about it a different way.

Even more recently, Florita denied having a relationship with Jeremy outside the villa.

“For everyone asking, I’m in NY for the LI reunion,” Florita wrote, “I didn’t come here for Jeremy, I came for everyone! I had to come a day early and obviously I was going to see Javonny and Jeremy since they’re the only ones that are here at the moment.

“We’re all very close so just because I posted Jeremy on my stories doesn’t mean we’re together y’all. So everyone chill please lol.”

The new photos reveal that changed.

Jeremy dumped Bailey at Love Island USA reunion

Fans already knew that Jeremy had someone else in mind when he dumped Bailey Marshall at the Love Island USA reunion.

Bailey explained how Jeremy dumped her and said he had someone else he was interested in.

“When I got to New York, I realized that was clearly not happening anymore. He seemed very distant and I could just tell that his feelings had changed. And he ended up telling me that he did have feelings for someone else.”

It seems that is likely Florita Diaz, but the question about whether it will work on not remains to be seen.

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. Re-live the moments from Season 3 on Paramount+.

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